Diary of a Family Day

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During this year in New Zealand, we’ve been sampling local food brands. One of our discoveries is frozen fish fillets by Sealord. Seriously the BEST pre-prepared fish our family has tasted! And guess what? They are coming to Woolworths and Coles stores in Australia so look out for them. The fillets are thick, taste delicious and are ready in a jiffy. 

We have tried the Orange Roughy with Wholemeal crumb, Hoki Classic Crumb, Hoki Tempura Batter and Hoki Lemon Pepper Crumbed. All delicious and are a hit with the entire family. My personal favourite is lemon pepper. I’ll focus on the Hoki fish fillets because that’s the product coming to the Aussie market. 

Sealord Fish Fillets

Fish and Chips at home

What I like about them:

  • The fillets are thick
  • Mild (non fishy) taste
  • Made with real Hoki fish fillets caught in the wild in New Zealand waters
  • Sealord is MSC certified which is a global recognition of sustainable seafood
  • Cooks perfectly every time (not dry)
  • Quick and convenient
  • They are a premium product and cost around $8.29 for a pack of six, which is under $1.50 per fillet and the quality of the fish is excellent

Fish and Chips at home

They have become my freezer staple so I can whip up a delicious nutritious meal for my family with minimal fuss, especially on busy days on the weekend when we are out exploring or on that one night a week when we have both basketball and netball on after school.

Days spent together are so valuable to us and when you have one of those wonderful days where everything seems to just fit together, it’s a little win for family life. These are the bonding times that build a sense of belonging.

 Below is a diary of a recent family day where fish and chips at home for dinner topped it off perfectly. I didn’t think about dinner until later in the afternoon, and then realised I had fish in the freezer so it was all sorted. Always, always good to have an emergency frozen meal for this type of thing!

Diary of a Family Day 

Driving and Exploring – we explore as much as we can because we are only in New Zealand for a year so are making the most of it. We drove out to a lookout with ocean and city views near Devonport. Beautiful!

Grass Sledding – So much fun! Kids had a ball. All you need is large pieces of cardboard and a grassy hill!

Foot Spa – I thought it a nice wind down family activity and it was a lovely way to interact as everyone sat in a circle with their feet in buckets. I did this for the kids (and my husband) just before dinner. Dinner prep was super quick so there was no rush.

Fish & Chips at Home – Dinner was a throw together salad with oven-baked fish and chips. Quick and easy. To make it a fun for the kids, I made paper chip cups (find the full step by step tutorial here). They are simple to make and turn a regular dinner into something novel and fun.

Family Movie – The kids are into Tin Tin comic books and the related movie, The Adventures of Tin Tin, directed by Steven Speilberg, is fantastic (our kids are aged 7-14). So beautifully animated!

Diary of a family day

Dinner: garden salad, oven baked hoki fish fillets, oven baked chips. A fish & chips experience at home.

Fish and Chips at home

Fish and Chips at home

Dinner the entire family loves and no fuss for me! WIN on all levels.

Fish and Chips at home

Paper chip cups made it fun.

DIY Paper Cup for Hot Chips

This day was one of those effortlessly fun times where everything just fell into place without any fuss. May there be many more.

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    What a wonderful day you all had – and I LOVE those chip cups!! Thanks for the recommendation on the frozen fish too!! I have tried a few and haven’t a brand I really like, so I will definitely give these a go when I see them in the shop!!

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