Toilet Roll Cars: Printable

A printable to make toilet roll racing cars

Here’s a new edition to the toilet roll printable series. There were The Pirates, then the African Animals, and this time it’s racing cars. There’s a bit of a process with these ones (rather than just a colouring in/glue activity). 


5 x toilet rolls

Racing Cars Printable (there’s 4 cars, a petrol bowser and a finish flag)

Drawing Pens

Section of cardboard (I used thick cardboard from the edge of a box)

4 Paper fasteners for each car

Tools to make it easier: scissors, craft knife, single hold punch


1. Print template and colour in.

2. Cut around and glue on to a roll.

3. Ideally using a craft knife (this is tricky so an adult should do this) cut the insert out from the top of the car. This can be done with scissors but it’s easier using a craft knife.

4. Use the end of the cardboard roll as a template for the wheel. Make 4 and cut. The kids decorated the cardboard wheels and they look so cool!

A printable to make toilet roll racing cars

Toilet Roll Cars

Toilet Roll Cars

5. Hole punch the middle of each wheel, and also do a hole punch in the sides of the car where you want the wheels to go. It’s a good idea to hold up the wheels next to the car so you get a feel for where looks good.

6. Then simply feed the paper fasters through each hole and open out in the inside of the toilet roll.

A printable to make toilet roll racing cars

7.  The kids wanted two of these for their small dolls – so we left the middle empty on those rolls. For the other two cars, they wanted Lego men to sit in there so I simply hot glue gunned a small section of cardboard in to make a seat. So you can see the back in the picture below, and the rectangle piece of board runs inside and then glued back on the inside-top of the car so it acts like an indentation for the Lego figure to sit.

A printable to make toilet roll racing cars

Ready for play!

Toilet roll cars

Toilet Roll Cars

Toilet Roll Cars

Toilet Roll Cars

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