Allergy Friendly Bedding: How to Dust Mite Proof a Bed

Allergy Friendly Bedding - How to Dust Mite Proof a Bed

My daughter suffers from eczema and one of the things that causes irritation to her skin is dust mites.  I’ve read up on allergy friendly bedding and how to dust mite proof a bed, and we have found a system that works for us. It’s made a big difference to my daughter’s skin. 

Allergy Friendly Bedding: How to Dust Mite Proof a Bed

The first thing to note is there are a lot of so-called allergy friendly products out there, but a lot of it is marketing and these products alone aren’t necessarily effective. There has to be a process, and after researching, I’ve boiled it down to a system we use to keep my daughter’s bed as dust mite-free as possible.    

How to dust mite proof a bed


  1. Mattress protector that covers the entire mattress (not only the top).
  2. Cover mattress with a dust mite-proof fitted sheet.
  3. Cover with a regular sheet (or allergy-friendly sheet). For my daughter, I use a silky feeling sheet with antibacterial properties.
  4. Quilts: Feathers are not ideal; Microfiber (e.g. Polyester, Tencel) quilts are better for allergy suffers and they are affordable. However, it’s best for the quilt to be covered with a dust mite-proof protector, even if quilts are labelled ‘allergy friendly’.
  5. Cover quilt in a quilt protector (for dust mite protection).
  6. Place quilt cover over the top.
  7. Place pillow inside a pillow dust mite-proof protector.
  8. Cover with pillowcase.

I purchased sheets (that are smooth so they don’t irritate my daughter’s skin) and dust mite-proof protectors from Aussie company

Cleaning System

Wash all items in hot water.


  • Pillow cases
  • Regular sheets

8-12 Weeks

  • Pillow Protector
  • Quilt Protector
  • Dust Mite Fitted Sheet
  • Quilt Cover
  • Quilt (or at least air the quilt)


  • Mattress cover
  • Quilt

This system is both doable and effective.

You can see the massive improvement in my daughter’s skin.

eczema - dust mite proof your bed

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  1. says

    Norwex Mattress Cleaner Is a MUST for dealing with dust mites. It’s enzyme based and breaks down organic matter (dust mite food) in bedding, pillows etc. No food, less dust mites. It’s made a huge difference for many people. A few sprays as often as needed. I do every six months, those with allergies, eczema etc may need to use more often. More info here and here (Hope it’s ok to post the links. I know how much it’s helped people and hopefully it can help many others.)

  2. Rach says

    my doctor also mentioned a HEPA air filter – have you tried it? I am loath to buy more appliances but want to do the right thing.

  3. says

    Thanks for the info here! A lot of people don’t even know that they might be allergic to dust mites and info like this certainly helps them out. You’ll never get rid of the little critters 100% but doing the best you can to reduce the number does help.

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