Milk Bottle Lid Slot Game

I love milk bottle lids. They are cute and useful for all sorts of things and you can find of the ways we’ve used them here. The kids are into play shops at the moment, and I made a ‘money’ coin slot for them.

This would also be a good activity to keep toddlers occupied for a little while! Drop the lids in, empty the container and do it all over again. Write numbers on the lids and it becomes a counting game.

Materials used

Ice cream container

Plastic lids

Paper/Washi tape to decorate the top

1. If the lids have any paper inserts, remove. Then wash and dry.

2. Cut a slot big enough in the top of the ice-cream lid for the milk bottle lids to easily fit.

3. Decorate the lid if desired. I used paper and washi tape.

Cut a hole in an ice-cream container big enough to feed milk bottle lids in there. Empty out and do it again. Fun toddler activity.

Play Shops

Play shops


Milk Bottle Lid Craft

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