Family Guide to an Aussie Snow Holiday

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Family guide to a snow holiday in Australia

Snow is a novel thing to most Australians, and it’s something I wanted my kids to experience. Once you start looking into a family snow holiday in Australia, there’s a lot of different options and added costs.  It can be quite overwhelming! I’ve written an article for Expedia and boiled it down into the main areas to take into account when planning a family snow holiday, including tips on doing it on a budget and building a big snowman.  

Read it here: Expedia: The Guide to Australian Ski Fields with Kids.

How to build a snowman

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    thankyou so much for this article! Every year I say I want to do a family snow holiday & every year I start to research and become overwhelmed with all the options and the cost! So thanks for the tips, we might actually get there this year!

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