DIY Barbie Tote Bag

Make a Barbie Tote bag (that fits in a lot of cute things inside) out of a small bottle

My kids tend to play with toys in ebbs and flows. Sometimes they are more into Lego, and sometimes they are more into Barbie play. Whatever the kids are into, I do like to look for ways to facilitate and extend their play (like when we made doll clothes out of organza gift bags).  We recently made tote bags out of empty travel bottles of shampoo and conditioner. The awesome thing about the bags is they DO act like a bag and easily hold a lot of things inside. My girls love them! So next time you have a small bottle around, give it a try!


Small bottle – travel shampoo bottles are ideal because there is some give in the plastic but other small plastic bottles could work too.

1 Pipe cleaner (chenille) – cut in half

Single hole punch

Washi tape

1. I cut the bottle horizontally in half with large scissors.

2. Wash bottle and remove label

3. Cover in washi tape. The girls and I lay the tape vertically and wrapped the edges over into the middle of the bag. This ensures the edges are nice and soft. They actually aren’t sharp at all anyway. Lay a piece of tape along the bottom to seal any overlapping tape.

4. Hole punch 4 holes, 2 on each side for the handles.

5. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and create handles by threading each piece through two of the holes. 

Make a Barbie Tote bag (that fits in a lot of cute things inside) out of a small bottle

That’s it! The bags hold a lot of Barbie items.

Barbie Tote Bag - Fits things inside

Barbie Tote Bag

DIY Barbie Tote Bag


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