Chatterbox Critters

Chatterbox Critters

The kids are loving chatterboxes at the moment. My daughter Pip made little critters puppets out of them too and she is sharing how.

1. Follow the instruction here on how to make a chatterbox here (or watch the video below).

2.Then take the two bottom corners of the chatterbox, and fold the triangle back into the opening (my daughter demonstrates in the video). 

Chatterbox Critters

3. Pinch the edges of the top two corners to define the ears.

4. Draw face/details on and it’s done. 

Chatterbox Critters

Cute Chatterbox Critters

Video (by Miss 11)

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Origami Bat


Ninja Stars

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Pip is Kelly's 12-year-old daughter. She loves making up elaborate games for her two younger siblings, making stop motion videos, writing stories and creating all day long. She has a creative mind, great ideas and loves having fun with her mum, dad and siblings.

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