Cardboard Roll Printable Set: Pirates!

My children often create cardboard roll (toilet roll) characters.  It’s creative, simple, relatively mess-free and fun. Below are some of my children’s previous creations.

Toilet Roll People

I thought it would be fun to create a series of themed printables each month to make this an achievable (for mums) and fun (for kids) craft. First up, we have Pirates! Look out for something new in May!


  • 4 Empty Toilet Rolls
  • Printable (this is based on a 10cm long roll. If larger, it can be trimmed to size)
  • Drawing materials
  • 4 Milk Bottle lids
  • Glue (craft for chest and paper glue for characters) 

Click picture below for Printable.

Toilet Roll Pirate Set Printable


  1. Print (Printable here)
  2. Colour
  3. Cut around guides
  4. Glue in place. For the chest, glue two milk bottle lids to the base for stability, and two at the sides.

My kids are older, and I gave them lose (different country) change to add to their play.  You can also make paper money by rubbing crayon or pencils over coins onto paper and cutting out the embossed imprint.

Fun Ideas

  • Travel: throw items in a large zip lock bag and you have an easy craft for the road
  • Finger Puppets
  • School holiday activity
  • Make up a bedtime story with the characters
  • Look up the history about priates
  • Read a private themed book

Toilet Roll Printable Pirate

Toilet Roll Printable Pirate

Thanks to Marie O’Neill

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