Barbie Furniture – Tin Can Seat

It’s easy to make a cute chair out of a recycled small tin.

How to make a Barbie seat out of a tin can



225 gram empty tin (tip: the pull-open tins aren’t sharp, plus I’ll share below to ensure the edges are smooth)

Washi tape

Small section of material

Small section of wadding (or you can use cotton wool balls or even plastic bags instead)

Hot glue gun


1. Wash and dry the tin well, and remove the label.

2. Use the tin as a guide and draw a circle on a piece of cardboard. Cut the circle out.

3. Wrap a small piece of wadding and material around the circle.

4. Pull material tight as you wrap it around the under side of the circle. Set aside.

5. Use the Washi to cover the tin. Lay the pieces in vertical lines and overlap to the inside of the tin so the edges are smooth.

6. Glue the cushion to the base of the tin and it’s done.

Barbie seat made out of a tin can

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