Backyard Sheet Tent

I’m working on a list of simple things that could be in a fun mum kit. A huge white sheet is one of them. You can use an old sheet or pick one up for about $15. They can be used for many fun activities, for example:

  • Make a play tablecloth
  • Throw the sheet on the line or backyard fence, arm kids with spray bottles of water mixed with food colouring and “paint” the sheet
  • Lay the sheet down on the floor in front of the tv for a special-dinner-on-the-floor-watching-tv nights
  • Parachute game. Adults grab the corners and kids run in and out, underneath it.
  • The parachute concept can also work as a ball ground: everyone grabs a side of the sheet and roll the ball 
  • Cubby under the table: throw cushions underneath the table and a sheet on top and hey-presto!

And here’s another idea. you can use a sheet to easily set up a backyard tent. This set up took me 10 minutes and I had to drag the kids in for dinner, they had such a ball playing in there.


King size sheet

4 tent pegs or sections of stick (sticks work surprisingly well)



Make a backyard sheet tent

1. Tie the ends of rope tightly between two points.  You may have to adjust this to get it to the correct height for the sheet.

2. Lay the sheet over the middle of the rope.

3. Hammer in tent pegs or strong sticks into the ground, using the stretched out sheet as a guide. Then tie the corners of the sheet around the pegs.

4. Lay a waterproof picnic rug down, and to make it really cosy, top with a throw rug. 

Backyard sheet tent

I made my girls a special treat to have in the tent: fairy bread, chocolate buttons, cut up apple.

Fun snack

Soft and cosy.


Easy and fun.

Fun Backyard Sheet Tent

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  1. Nicola says

    Like, like like, just thinking where I could tie the rope in my backyard – I’ve always wanted to make a tee pee, but this is much more my style (and easier to store!)

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