Printable Road/Garden Play Mats

This is a great idea for travel or those times when kids have to wait somewhere with you…and you want to bring something little for them to play with.

Print out a paper play mat, grab a small toy and put it all in a zip lock bag or pencil case. Throw it in your bag so you have something on hand.

Printable Play Mat: Road

The roads connect, so print out just one or as many as you can and join them with tape. Printable here.

Printable Play Mat: Road

Printable Play Mat - Road

Printable Play Mat: Garden

Use with blocks, cardboard houses, and this can be joined with 

Printable Play Mat - Garden

Printable Play Mat - Garden


  • Shoe box homes
  • Matchbox cars and small toys
  • Fence blocks
  • Mix and match and put them together

Printable play mats

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    I just stumbled across your blog via a play dough recipe from Pinterest and have enjoyed looking around. I printed these play mats, slipped them into sheet protectors and plopped the play dough on top. My two-and-a-half year old is busy building houses with roofs and windows to place along the road. Great fun.

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