Paper Plate Bunny Basket

I recently did a Paper Plate Bunny Ears tutorial for Mother & Baby Magazine. While I was at it, I decided to make a basket bag to go with it. So easy and it holds heaps of Easter eggs.

Paper plate bunny ears and paper plate bag


  • 2 dinner paper plates
  • Bunny ears template
  • Ball point pen
  • Black & pink marker
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Wool, string or ribbon
  • Craft glue 


1. Cut a plate in half. I used Eco plates and they are sturdy and perfect for this project.

2. Put the two halves together, allowing for an opening in the middle. Staple along the curve of the plate, about a couple of centimetres apart.

3. Print template here (or draw your own ear shape). Use a ball point pen trace over the template on to the plate. I find this is enough to imprint the design into the plate to use as a cutting guide.

4. Colour the inner part of the ear and cut out the two ears.

5. Glue the ears on the inside of the plate.

9. Draw the bunny face on with the marker. I hand drew a simple face design. For inspiration, just google ‘Bunny Face Draw’ or something like it. A tip for the eyes: draw a small circle in the black pupil part before colouring around it to give that reflection look. I didn’t do whiskers because I wanted a really simple look but they look cute too. 

Bunny face

10. Use string, ribbon or wool (I platted wool) as a handle. Either glue or staple inside the bag.

11. Use for Easter egg hunts or just as a bag because it’s cute.  This is what it looks like inside.

Paper plate bag

Fun for

  • Easter craft
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Dress ups
  • Easter Bonnet parade
  • Alice in Wonderland parties
  • Book week dress up


Want to pin the idea for later?  This image give a snap shot of the process.

Paper Plate Bunny Bag/Basket


Easter Craft

Paper Plate Bunny Ear Tutorial

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    This looks really easy Kelly! I came here for the bunny ears and glad you’ve made a bag too! Very creative and unique, my kids would love this.

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