Fun Play Jar

This is a fun idea for the school holidays, or even as a gift idea for kids. The idea is to make a fun play jar to take anywhere! There’s hours of fun inside the jars.

These Play Jars I made cost me about $20.

Fun play Jars

These are great for:

  • Birthday Parties – make smaller ones for party favours or do up one as a gift
  • Easter Egg hunt – hide paper clues inside plastic eggs (each egg leading to the next) and hide fun play jars at the end.
  • Travel – throw in a bag and there’s hours of fun to be had!
  • School holidays
  • Camping – when you don’t want to take loads of toys

DIY Fun Play Jar

Fun ideas to include in a Play Jar

  • Plastic jar or bag
  • Key ring
  • Small Toy: match box cars, small dolls, mini Lego figurines, Shopkins, Trashies
  • Travel-size games: cards, dice, knuckles, jacks, bounce ball, naughts & crosses
  • Erasers
  • Drawing items
  • Note book or single colouring in pages (printed off)
  • Stickers

Play Mat

You can print these play mats here

Printable Play Mat: Garden & Road


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    I love this idea. You could do a few up at once and have handy birthday presents for the kids to take to parties, all ready to go. (I always seem to buy birthday gifts for their friends so last minute). It would be very easy to tailor the contents based on age too. Thanks for the great idea :)

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