Feed the Bunny Game

This bunny box game is a fun game for parties and Easter and is made with simple materials.

Feed the Bunny Game

Feed the Bunny Game


  • 1 Large box
  • brown paper
  • masking tape
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • craft knife (adult use only)
  • black permanent marker
  • lead pencil
  • white & black paper
  • red & pink poster paper

Older kids could achieve this, but there are some cutting parts an adult should do.

  1. Adult cut the 2 long strips from the bottom of the box with a craft knife or sharp large scissors. These will be used for the ears.
  1. Draw one ear with a lead pencil on the cardboard strip. Adult can cut it out with the craft knife. Use this as a template for the other ear so they both look the same. 
  1. With the lead pencil draw the inside of the ear on the pink cardboard and make it slightly smaller than the outer part. Cut it out with scissors and use it as a template for the second ear.
  1. Draw an arch for the bunnies mouth opening with lead pencil and an adult can cut it with a craft knife.
  1. Use the semicircle cardboard cut out as a template for the tongue. Trace it on the red cardboard and cut it out. Sticky tape it just inside the mouth opening.
  1. Wrap the box with brown paper, using a glue stick, cover every side except the bottom (because you won’t see it).
  1. Draw and cut out oval eyes on white paper and draw black circles inside with permanent marker. Glue them on.
  1. Draw and cut a black oval nose. Glue on and draw whiskers with black permanent marker. 
  1. Fix the two ears on the back of the box with wide masking tape or craft glue.

Feed the Bunny Game

Game ideas

Use the box bunny for fun Easter or birthday party games!

  • Throw plastic eggs into his mouth (or carrots)
  • Use as part of an Easter egg hunt
  • Play Easter golf
  • Roll tennis balls inside


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