Plane Travel: Backpack for Kids

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 What to take in a child's backpack

I love the idea of exploring the world with my kids, and in the past few years, it’s become a reality. Sharing posts like this gets me excited about all our adventures to come!  When we travel overseas, my kids have their own dedicated backpack with items that make travelling comfortable and fun. We also use these backpacks for day trips. You can read more about what I take and general tips for plane travel with kids over on the Expedia Blog Here: Packing for Kids: What to take on planes.

What to take in a kids backpack when travelling

Note: I purchased the SabUrban Daypacks (small backpack) from Zelows and they are brilliant. Perfect size for kids and travel, but there is enough room to fit everything! Plus there was 4 different colours so each of my kids have their own colour.

Travel backpacks for kids


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    This is a great article Kelly. This is very helpful for a mom like me who’s looking at backpack traveling with my 10 year old. Thanks!

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