To The Mum at the Beach

To the mum at the quiet beach: I saw you, standing there. One arm wrapped around a small bundle strapped to your chest as you leaned slightly forward. I could tell: your arm placement wasn’t intentional, but an instinctive gesture of love and protection. I was too far away to hear what you were saying to the two small boys playing happily in the sand at your feet. At a guess, were they about two and three? That’s three small children, close in age. I remember a similar period of my life, and there’s a certain indefinable weariness that comes with that stage of motherhood. A blur even. I’m just a stretch in front of you in this journey, and I just wanted to tell you that I’m quietly cheering you on. The world whizzes by, and you’re changing nappies, and feeding kids, and wiping sand off gritty hands. I just wanted to tell you that what you’re doing is beautiful and amazing.

To the mum at the beach

I shared this story on my Facebook page and you can find the associated conversation here.

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