Pretty Lunches: What they look like at lunch time

This is one of the questions that I get asked a lot about the lunches I make for my kids (I share some of the lunches on my Instagram @beafunmum).

It looks good now but how does it look at lunch time?

I asked my teen to take a picture of how the lunch box to see for myself how it travels. The lunchbox gets thrown into her bag, she walks to the bus stop, rides the bus, goes to different classrooms with her bag and this is what it looks like at lunch time. 

How do pretty lunches look at lunchtime

Spot the difference: We threw an extra plumb in at the last minute

Lunch boxes

The secret to packing rubbish free lunches is all about sectioning food.  I’ve used many different lunch boxes over the years and using containers or sectioned lunch boxes is the only way I have found to successfully pack them litter free. I use Bento Laptop Lunch Boxes but even a selection of smaller containers in an insulated container can work well. I really like these ones too (I might do a review of them at some point).

Packing lunches

Section food

I section food in different containers, depending on what it is.  I also use silicone cases to separate certain foods inside the containers. 

Tricky foods

The only food that I have found don’t stay in containers well are sultanas, corn and grated cheese (those types of small things). Then, of course liquids.  For those types of foods, I use containers with lids.

Now, all that sounds like a lot of work, I know, but it’s really not once you develop a system. It takes me under 10 minutes to make four lunches every morning and I explain my system more fully in this post: Developing a Lunch Box System


Lunch Box Ideas

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    I like this idea and will probably use it sometime over the next year or two. I personally will keep wrapping sandwiches but for a different reason. Every day I draw a picture on their sandwich paper and sometimes write a note. Eventually they won’t want me to do this so until that time comes I’ll keep it up. Makes a usually dull task fun too. I have photos of the pictures on my instagram feed.

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