Lego Storage Ideas

Aunty Bon’s house is one of the most fun places for my kids. She has a huge Lego collection my kids are crazy about. Not to mention the DEATH STAR. Yes, a Star Wars Death Star all set up and ready to play with.  Lego storage is not a big issue for us yet, but our collection is growing so I’m always on the look out for systems and ideas, and here are 6 different ways I’ve come across (so far) for storing Lego.

Lego Storage Ideas

1. Funky Lego Storage Bricks

In this post — Organising and Storing Toys — I share the various places we store toys, and for Lego, we keep them in funky storage bricks. They look great in the play room! You can get these online, and at places like Howards Storage World and Toys R Us.

Lego Storage

Lego Storage Ideas

2. Lego Cupboard/Drawers


Best Lego Storage Ever Award goes to Anton Galkin. Check out more details on his custom cupboard here.

Best Lego Storage Ever

Lego Cupboard With Colour Coded Drawers

My sister has a (much smaller) variant of the amazingness above. But it works really well: A vintage cupboard with plastic drawers inside (for different coloured Lego), sections for paper Lego instruction manuals and boxes for special Lego sets.

Lego Storage Ideas

Lego Storage Idea

Lego Storage Drawers

Lego Storage Drawers

My sister also set up a small table next to the Lego cupboard, which is the perfect level for play.

Lego Storage Idea

4. Sectioned Boxes

Craft boxes (you can find at places like Spotlight and discount stores) are fabulous for storing special Lego sets, travelling with Lego (e.g. on holidays) or for keeping Lego organised in a cupboard.

Lego Box

Lego Storage Idea

4. Tool Box

Love this idea from Common Chaos! Sam purchased a plastic toolbox (designed for screws, bolts and other bits and bobs) and it’s works brilliants for Lego! Read more about it here.

Lego Storage - Inside a Toolbox

5. Lego Play Table

This amazing idea is from Bec, who keeps the Lego for her boys out displayed on a huge play table so it’s always ready to play with! A tutorial on how she put it together is here.

DIY Lego Play Table

6.  Lego Mat (or sheet, or bedspread)

My sister and I used to play Lego for hours on Sunday afternoons and our system was pretty much the same as this one. We used one of mum’s old sheets, spread the Lego everywhere, and then for pack up, we carefully lifted the sheet off the ground from all corners, and dumbed it (sheet and all) into a plastic crate. These days, you can buy special Lego mats that work the same way. The one below is a Brikbag.

Lego Storage

How do you store Lego?

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  1. Bonnie says

    My vintage cupboard looks great when photographed like that ;). We love Lego in this house!! And I love having my nieces and nephews over <3!

  2. Rachel says

    Hi Kelly, my kids are a bit fanatical about not getting their Lego sets mixed up! They have a box of general bricks if they just feel like creating their own thing, but when it comes to their sets, they hate having to search through a thousand pieces to find the one they need. So we have our sets stored in the plastic containers that you can buy “tinned” fruit in. We label the container and lid with the number of the set, and which child it belongs too – the instruction booklet fits in there, and spare parts we often put in there in a ziplock bag (also labelled). This probably only works for the smaller sets. Fortunately we have a drawer that all the containers fit in, standing upright – perfect!

  3. says

    The cupboard is a fantastic idea and when you mixed it up with tool boxes everything looks in place. Good job, Storage Freezywater Ltd.

  4. says

    Sorting and storing LEGO Bricks is a true challenge. Finding features to group bricks into a bin is a classical problem of machine learning and artificial intelligence. At the same time sorting LEGO bricks can be like a meditation. For anybody who is interested in the depth of sorting LEGO, check out the book “The Ideal Order“.

  5. Dianne says

    We have 6 scrap booking storage carts from Joanne fabrics to separate and organize our Lego sets. There are three larger drawers on the bottom, and 5 thinner drawers on the top. The thinner drawers have sections so you can organize bricks better!

  6. Samantha says

    My niece has a big lego table in the garage which is hung on pulleys – so it’s raised to the roof and out of the way when she’s done, but when she wants to play again it gets lowered down and everything is just how she left it. Meanwhile my kids are stuck with the ol’ sheet-gathered-up system like you had. :)

  7. says

    I have played with Legos since I was little , my wife and I are going to Denmark where the Legoland is , we plan on visiting Legoland and bring home some Legos from Legoland Denmark , i know it will be expensive but I plan on bringing lots of money with me , gonna get lots of pictures

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