DIY Miniature Grassy Hill in the Backyard

Our family lived in Toowoomba (situated on the crest of the Great Dividing Range about 2 hours from Brisbane) for a year when my husband was training there…it would be 5 years ago now!  It’s such a lovely spot to raise a family.  David Howell practices as a Naturopath & Nutritionist in Toowoomba, and his wife and three children are based in this beautiful city.  David’s website has many helpful articles from which nuts are best and a clever way to slice a mango, to yummy recipes and health care product recommendations, and you can follow him on Facebook for regular updates.
David is passionate about good food, simple living and getting the kids into old-fashioned fun, and he created something simple in the backyard for the kids, and it’s AWESOME!
DIY Mini grass mound for the backyard

Here’s a simple, inexpensive and fun addition to any back yard for kids to enjoy. We built a mound of dirt on our lawn, taken from elsewhere in our yard, then turfed the mound, making it into a miniature hill.   Whenever our kids or friends are playing in our back yard, the grass mound is used extensively, for ‘I’m the king of the castle…’ games, for running up and over, rolling down or riding bikes or trikes up and over.   Total cost of the project: about $28.   The mound has been probably our most inexpensive addition to our yard, and the most used!

— David
DIY Mini grass mound for the backyard


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