A New Way to Pay Online (Plus $200 Voucher Giveaway)

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There’s a new way to pay online. I was a little dubious about whether the system would save me time, however I do a lot of online shopping so was willing to try it out.

Essentially, MasterPass (by MasterCard) is like your purse, only it’s digital. It’s a place to safely store all the information you need to make online purchases; this includes shipping addresses and payment details. When you do make online purchases and checkout with MasterPass, it pre-fills your information using your stored data. It’s only recently been rolled out so is available in limited online stores. It will be widely available during 2015.

I happened to be looking online for a point and shoot waterproof camera the entire family could enjoy (especially the kids) as our family are heading to New Zealand this year. I came across 2nds World (which I didn’t even know existed); they sell new, seconds and refurbished products.

A red Panasonic Lumix FT25 waterproof camera caught my attention (it looked shock proof enough for the kids to enjoy). I’m happy to say checking out using MasterPass WAS really easy and quick. I was thrilled! I pressed the ‘Buy with MasterPass’ button and followed the prompts and my information was pre-filled (no rifling through my purse to find my card number or typing in my postal address).


Below are a few underwater shots from the new camera. You can find more details about this model here.

Panasonic Lumix FT25 waterproof camera  - Underwater photos

How to Use MasterPass

  1. Register for a MasterPass enabled digital wallet with your respective bank. This is the once off process that took about 5-10 minutes.
  2. Look for the MasterPass logo for participating stores (you can find a list here.).
  3. Checkout using MasterPass and it will import your delivery and payment details from your wallet.


If you frequently shop online (like I do) then MasterPass is a great option to consider for ease and safety.

More about how it works can be found here: MasterPass. It’s your shortcut to Priceless.

$200 Voucher Giveaway

**Giveaway has now ended and the winner has been notified by email – Congratulations Fiona**

So one of you can try out MasterPass too, I’m giving away a $200 Menulog gift voucher. Have a break from cooking and get take away or home delivery with over 4,000 participating restaurants.  To enter, all you need to do is:

1. Answer this question below in the comments: MasterPass will change my online shopping experience by…..

2. Read the full terms and conditions here. Ends Friday 23 January.

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  1. Linda says

    Firstly thanks for info on the website, I had not heard of “2nds World”. I am always a little nervous about making payments online and would normally use paypal. Having another safe option is great. Mixing it up with different payment methods and passwords will make me feel a lot safer online.

  2. Kelly-Marie says

    It will give me a new way to pay without having to search through my giant handbag for my purse and then figuring out where I put my cards and then entering the gazillion facts they require for purchase. Therefore it will save me time, effort and mind numbing exhaustion

  3. Charlie Cola says

    Safety, convenience and being fearless is what every mother wants when dealing with their children and more importantly online shopping. Masterpass is a “class” above the rest.

  4. Diana says

    MasterPass will change my online shopping experience by…..allowing me to purchase, not just browse!!! I don’t have a credit card nor paypal so am limited to just looking online :(

  5. Ariel says

    Masterpast is a safer and more convenient way to shop online, which do often. I always love things that make life easier.

  6. tracy lyness says

    online shopping is great….u can browse without the hassle of crowds and kids asking for things….with 5 kids that play sport time is precious

  7. Jennifer B. says

    MasterPass will change my online shopping experience by… removing the anxiety that comes with trying to type critical credit card numbers with my failing eye sight. No more transactions that fail to process!

  8. Jules says

    giving me the confidence to buy online without being afraid of losing all my money! I’m not tech-savvy enough to know which sites to trust and which not to so Masterpass would make me feel safe and secure and not stress about someone taking all my money when I use it online.

  9. Sonya N. says

    … actually enabling me to shop online without fear or nervousness! I’ve also avoided shopping online because I felt it wasn’t secure, but this certainly seems secure enough. I have a toddler who makes going shopping very difficult and often unpleasant (think tantrums and screaming if I don’t let him steer the trolley or go on the cars etc) and I’d love to shop from the comfort of my couch instead of braving the stores with an angry, demanding child who takes all the pleasure out of shopping!

  10. Melanie JJ says

    Allow me to do EVEN MORE online shopping at 2am, and 3am and 4am with one hand and a tiny lit up screen in the dark… Gotta be some perks to being up all night feeding ????

  11. Bridget says

    Giving me the tools to confidently shop online more often, allow me to buy from more places and get some more shopping done when kiddies are sleeping…

  12. says

    …allowing me to do my shopping without having to get up to get my purse. Which always prompts the question “why do you need your purse? What are you buying now?”. No one wants to have that conversation.

  13. Fiona says

    Allowing me to shop in my Pj’s – Masterpass in hand.
    No looking for parking. No queues in which to stand.
    I can take my time just browsing, no infuriated hubby.
    Eat my dinner, put kids to bed – pass me a glass of bubbly.
    Shopping now made easy, an experience just first class.
    A fast an efficient way to shop online – Thank-you MasterPass!

  14. joyjoyc says

    By making me shop the way I want with no crowds, not having to find a car park and not looking for an ATM. I’ll be a MASTER online shopper in no time and it will become my favourite PASS-time!

  15. Phillip Cunningham says

    Being there for me whenever I want to shop online and not have to use PayPal, Masterpass will do very well.

  16. Mara says

    Now I will be able to shop everywhere and anywhere. I don’t think my partner will appreciate that now when I want to buy something I will be able to do it from bed or the couch via pressing a button rather than having the scramble of finding where he has hidden the credit card.

  17. Lisa says

    giving me a safe and secure payment method, and finally bringing some competition into the payment system market (Paypal monopoly no more!?)

  18. Katrina C says

    Since I have just gone back to work for the first time in eight years and life is HECTIC, this will make some things in life just that more easier!

  19. Krystal B says

    I won’t have to double and triple check my information before I press the no going back ‘confirm’ button and avoid the 5 seconds afterwards where I hold my breath and doubt myself again if I typed my address or credit card number in correctly whilst waiting for the ‘order successful’ message.

  20. Charlotte Scotton says

    MasterPass will change my online shopping experience by…

    M aking it okay to spy
    A nother online goodie that I MUST buy!
    S ecurity concerns I can now disregard
    T rusting the payment expertise of MasterCard.
    E liminating not just fear, but effort too
    R emembering my card details? Masterpass can do!
    P ractically perfect, in every way
    A ll my devices can use it, it’s here to stay…
    S ecure and safe shopping is here
    S o it’s only my bills I now have to fear!

  21. remya nair says

    Saving not just the time that I otherwise spend checking and rechecking my payment details, but also the time I spend dreading to see a message from my bank saying I have been robbed off my hard earned money by some smart hacker….

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