Wool Christmas Tree

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year! As soon as the stores start displaying their ornaments and wreaths I’m there baby! I love browsing through new designs and colour combinations. Every year, the stores seem to come out with something different, which I think is awesome! When I was a kid in the 70s and 80s, I remember Christmas decorations featured whole lot of paper, foil and plastic.

1980's Classic Christmas Decorations

Decorations sure have come a long way! These days anything goes and people think out of the box. This year, I noticed a lot of warm materials (like knitted wool and fluffy feathers) on decorations.  

Christmas Craft Ideas with Wool

I particularly loved the woollen trees, their softness appealed to me.  I thought to myself, “I could make one!” So below is what I did.


Styrofoam cone

Grey/white thick wool (or other colours — this is a great little project for left over wool if you have some)

Tacky/school glue (don’t use clear craft glue because it will corrode the foam)

Pom poms (form a cheap shop) 


christmas crafts - wool christmas tree

1. I found a Styrofoam cone, grey/white thick wool and craft glue at Spotlight. Starting from the bottom of the cone, I glued and wound the wool around bit by bit, positioning and pressing as I went (being careful not to leave any spaces; I didn’t want to see the white cone underneath).

2.  I left the cone to dry over night and then I glued pom poms (from a cheap shop) randomly over the tree. I thought white with silver flecks would go well with the grey.

That’s it really…it cost less than half of the one I saw in the store, but more importantly, I made my own decoration and that whole creative process makes me happy!

Make 2 or 3 of these homey wool Christmas trees place along the middle of the table as a feature.

christmas crafts - wool christmas tree

christmas crafts - wool christmas tree


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