Getting the washing done…

Got home from holidays (which was wonderful) with dirty washing and hand-me-down clothes from my sister. Then one of my daughters had a camp. And then she came home, and all of a sudden my washing pile became a monster mountain.  I decided to put it all on the kitchen table to FORCE myself to LOOK AT IT and DEAL WITH IT.

I have a pretty good system now to do the laundry and you can read about it here. However, with six people in the house, it can escalate VERY quickly. My washing pile is always pretty big but it hasn’t been quite this big for a while.


After waking to this, I took a deep breath, and I said to the kids, “Right! So every time each one of us walks past, we are going to fold a few things. We can do this!” And we did. Everyone pitched in and it all went down surprisingly well. Go team!

Washing Pile

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    What helped me most in handling the neverendless piles of laundry was being a real nerd about separating colors — I have about six or seven piles —

    the blacks,

    the blues and light blues,

    the jeans,

    the whites,

    the reds,

    the greys,

    the red towels and bed sheets,

    the white towels and bet sheets,

    the blue and green towels and bed sheets…

    So, okay, make this up to nine piles…

    The thing is, it makes each pile fairly small, and the burden of hanging up the laundry (no dryer in our house) doesn’t seem so high. Plus the colors stay nice longer.

    Works really well for me…

    Folding, however, is another matter — sometimes they pile up for weeks until there is a good movie on TV, and I take the time to fold…

    (Each kid gets their own basket, too, that way they can decide themselves, if they want to store the clothes in their cabinets or just take them out of the basket…).

    So long,

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    That’s one mountain of laundry! But quite rightly you tackled it following the wisdom of the Chinese Proverb “The person who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” 😉

    I’ve had a couple of weeks off my very own Everest. My washer (finally) was laid to rest (we had an amazing partnership over 15 years, including having the motor rebuild once).
    My lovely Mom stepped in and has worked her way through it. It even comes back ironed (this is a a rare occurrence at Chez Wright). As I mentioned on Facebook, even underwear gets pressed! Feels like being back home all over again.

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