Straw Construction Challenge

Straw Construction

On the school holidays, sometimes I throw a heap of straws on the table with tape and tell the kids to make something, anything! It’s really cheap, relatively non-messy and an easy activity to set up.


  • Straws
    (different colours/size/lengths work well; straws with a bendy top are fun to work with; you can get jumbo straws from discount/party supply shops)
  • Tape
    (clear tape and/or decorative washi tape)
  • Scissors

Straw Construction

What to make

Anything! Here are some ideas:

  • Person
  • Boats
  • Raft
  • Animals
  • Tower
  • Car
  • House
  • Flowers

Boat Challenge

I’ve done this with different groups of kids (not just my own). Some kids just get into it but sometimes they need inspiration.  One idea is to challenge the kids  to experiment in designing a boat that floats. A tub full of water can be set up on the table for them to test it out to see what adjustments need to be made etc.

Straw Construction

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