DIY Skateboard Shelf

I was at my sister’s on the weekend and this is a little idea worth sharing. You can pick up small retro-like skateboards from places like Kmart, Target, Toys R Us and BIG W from about $15 (like this Avigo one).   They can often be found in second hand stores for cheap too. These skateboards make for cute shelfs for knick knacks in a child’s bedroom.

DIY Skateboard Shelf


Small Plastic Skateboard

2 Angle (or L) Brackets – found in the hardware section in many places

Screws (make sure they are short enough so they don’t go entirely through the skateboard – just measure roughly on the side)


1. Attach the L Brackets to the wall. To do this, use a level to mark ensure they are horizontally even.  Then, use the skateboard to measure how wide apart the brackets need to be: the brackets need to sit just inside the wheels as shown in the pictures below.

2. Sit the skate board on to the brackets, leave just a tiny gap from the wall. Then, it’s simple a matter of screwing a short screw (just make sure it is long enough to go through the bracket and into the skateboard plastic without going out through the top) from the underside of skateboard, up through the 2 brackets and into the skateboard to the shelf is secure.  

DIY Skateboard Shelf

DIY Skateboard Shelf


Fill with completed Lego, money boxes or decorative things.

DIY Skateboard Shelf

DIY Skateboard Shelf


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