DIY Frozen Ice Skating Rink (for play)

Frozen Toy Ice Skating Rink

This is a gorgeous addition to play, especially for the warmer months, and it costs nothing to set up!  It’s a great activity idea for Disney Frozen fans!

What you need

Plastic (freezer friendly) rectangle container – as big as can fit in your freezer


Plastic figurines (Pictured is a Schliech Aguya Ice Skating girl and I found the Ice Tree at a discount shop) 

Large towel (to lay it on or do outside on the grass)

I’ve just ordered these figurines for Christmas for my daughter (found them at Fishpond for $14.95 – free shipping – yes!). She will LOVE it!


Tip: Battery operated waterproof fairy lights look magical for decorating a play space (suitable/age appropriate).

Set up

1. Fill the plastic container with water and allow to freeze overnight until frozen solid.

2. Set the container up on a table on a towel or outside.  The area will get a little wet as the ice melts.  This huge chunk of ice will last at least a couple of hours!  When the kids had enough of playing with this, I just put it back in the freezer for when they wanted to play with it again.  So easy!

Frozen Toy Ice Skating Rink

Frozen Toy Ice Skating Rink

Frozen Toy Ice Skating Rink

Frozen Toy Ice Skating Rink

The fun thing is as the ice melts, it’s easy to slide things along. Kids could make all sorts of things out of alfoil or other materials (like milk bottle lids) to slide along the ice).

A magical addition to play and my kids absolutely love this…and it’s just too easy!


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