Father’s Day Photo Gift Ideas (+ Giveaway)

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Photo Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Personalised photo gifts for Father’s Day are always a win. The first thing is to get an updated picture of the kids. Below are ideas on taking fun photographs of the kids and how to turn pictures into gifts easily at the Kodak Kiosk at Officeworks.

1. Handprint Canvas Photograph

We’ve done this a few times because a handprint canvas makes a great photo prop, plus also doubles as a keepsake. Find a step-by-step tutorial here.

Father's Day Craft - hand print canvas

Something to keep!

hand print canvas

2. Letters Photograph

This looks fantastic on the front of a card. The idea is to use letters as props for this photograph.

?   Letter blocks

?   Cut out letters: draw or print letters out on light cardboard and cut around the outline.

?   Letters drawn/printed on a page (shown below)

?   A single piece of paper/cardboard with a message (good if you have less than 3 children)

Father's Day Photograph - D A D

3. Feet Photograph

This is my personal favourite. Draw a message to Dad on the children’s feet before photographing. My kids thought it hilarious. I had quite a few feet to write on but you can adjust the message to suit the size of any family (ideas below).


  • Arrange the child/ren sitting on grass (or picnic mat). The photographer should lie down to ensure the feet are in the forefront of the picture.
  • Sit the children on a sturdy table/chairs (depending on age of children) and crouch down to take the picture so the feet are in the forefront.
  • The feet are the feature here so it’s a good idea to ensure the background isn’t too busy.

Father's Day Photograph - write a message to dad on kids feet

 Letter Combinations

 Write a message on kids feet for a Father's Day Photo

4. New or Expecting Dad Photograph

Tie a huge bow around the baby or pregnant belly for a photograph.

5. Fun/Favourite Photograph with Dad

The picture I used for a gift to my husband was one I snapped with my phone camera when at the beach one afternoon. It represents the wonderful father he is and how much the kids adore him. Sometimes you don’t need to stage pictures to get something special.

Father's Day Photo

6. Capturing Family Essence

Christmas 2013 was special. My Dad was back from Africa and we were all together. If there was a picture to represent our extended family — cousins playing, aunts and uncles chatting, grandparents doting — it’s the picture below. It was taken high up on private property with 360° views where we experienced an incredible sunset and a BBQ-in-the-paddock dinner.

I decided to turn this photograph into something special for my Dad for Father’s Day (you can see what I did with this picture further below).

Father's Day Photo

Photo Gifts

Once you have photographs to use, you can head to a Kodak Kiosk Service available at Officeworks stores or do it all online. There is wide range of photo gifts options including:

  • iPhone cases
  • Mugs
  • 4×6” photo frames
  • Greeting cards
  • Photo books
  • Key Rings
  • Mouse pads
  • Canvases
  • And more!

My local Officeworks has many screens available so there was no waiting (plus there’s a drawing desk for kids).

Officeworks Photo GiftsGetting Your Pics

You can grab your photographs from just about anywhere: memory card, USB, Facebook and Instagram accounts and directly from a smart phone.

Tip: If you plan to use photos from your smart phone, download the KodakConnect app before you go to make the process quicker. The app is free and allows you to connect your phone to the Kodak Kiosk through Wi-Fi.

Creating Gifts

Once the pics are uploaded, it’s simply a matter of picking what you want to do with them. Note: Some gift options will take 7-10 working days so leave enough time for them to arrive before Father’s Day.

This is what I did: 

  • I made cards for my husband and both my children’s grandparents. It was printed on the spot. Done.
  • I printed photos while I was there (that I have been meaning to do for some time). Printed on the spot. Done.
  • I made a mug for my husband (a big coffee drinker) with the image from the beach and the card matches. The mug took 7 working days.
  • My favourite thing is the canvas of the sunset picture for my Dad. The turn around time on the canvas was only 3 days, however, generally allow 7-10 working days.

Making a card at the kiosk. I was able to customise the font (Dad, Pop, Grandad etc.) and enhance the photos before printing.

Officeworks Photo Gifts

This is how the cards turned out.


Matching mug and card which is fun!

Personalised Photo Mug and Card for Father's Day


Out of all the gift options, this is my favourite. You can easily turn a favourite photo into artwork for the wall. Such a special gift! This is how the sunset picture for my dad turned out. It looks fantastic! 

Photo on canvas for Father's Day

Photo on canvas for Father's Day

Photo on canvas for Father's Day


For more details on how it all works, check out this video from Officeworks.

Photo gifts are useful, special and are fun to look back on and cherish years later. They are memory markers.

With so many different photo gift ideas there’s sure to be something to celebrate the special Fathers out there.   To browse Officeworks’ wide range of products, head to officeworks.com.au


Giveaway now ended. Congratulations Helen!

I’m giving away a $100 Officeworks gift voucher to celebrate Father’s Day.

To enter, just head over to the Officeworks website and take a look at the Kodak photo services available and leave a comment below telling me what you would create for Father’s Day and why

Giveaway is open from 12:01 am Australian Eastern Standard Time (“AEST”) on Thursday 21 August 2014 ends 5pm AEST Thursday 28 August 2014. Read the complete terms and conditions here.


Check out the website for your closest Officeworks Store

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  1. Peta says

    I’m going to do the ‘we <3 Dad' on our kids feet this year, and would love to get it printed on a canvas for my wonderful hubby for Father's Day.

  2. Annette Silsby says

    I would get a mug for my Dad with a picture of me and my three siblings on it. At his work they all have a sneaky competition on who has the coolest mug, this would definitely help him win!

  3. Pam says

    I love the idea of drawing on my kids’ feet, although I’m not sure how much success I’ll have getting my just-4-yr-old, 2.5-yr-old and not-quite-1-yr-old to all sit still long enough to take a picture! I’d love to put it on a beautiful card or even print it on a canvas if I managed to get a magical shot. I didn’t realise Officeworks had so many options – I will have to explore more! Thanks for the great ideas.

  4. Linda De says

    The Dad in this house is doing lots of renovations in our home. Thinking of making characters with his hammer,saw etc (funny faces etc) then photo on canvas…to remind him of the amazing work he has done making a home for his 3 kids.

  5. Simone says

    I am getting a set of photos done of the kids, and would love to get them printed and framed with Dad and 2014 on it.

  6. Mary Preston says

    My father died just over a year ago. I’d love to take a favourite photo and have a canvas made. He would have got a kick out of seeing the picture up on the wall. He loved clever ideas. He is in our thoughts every day, not just for Father’s Day.

  7. Sonya says

    I’d make a photobook with pictures of every member of the family as well as pictures of his house and neighbourhood because after having a mild stroke last month he unfortunately sometimes struggles to remember people and places.

  8. says

    I would photo one of J’s drawings of himself and his Dad and then have the photo put onto canvas. I love the feet idea too though, however with J’s OCD that’ll probably never happen :)

  9. Shell says

    I would make t-shirts with some of his favourite sayings on them. such as:
    “and the band played beleive me if you like”
    “too old, too slow, to bl%^&# good”
    “unless you want to hear “Back in my day…” go off and do it my way”

  10. DIANA O says

    A photobook of all the silly things he’s done, to let him see why we’re always laughing, not at him but with him. Will be a fun book full of so many happy memories.

  11. Mrs B says

    A mug! Dad does not have his own mug and is always using my favourite kitten mug, so this way he has his own personalised mug!!!

  12. Helen W says

    Oh my goodness, I’m going to make up a photo calendar for my husband! He’s just started a new job where he has to work away for weeks at a time. With a calendar he can take it on the road with him, see gorgeous photos of him playing with our son, and cross off each day that passes until he’s back home again. What a perfect present!

  13. says

    I adore all of these ideas. Thanks for the inspiration! I would get a personalized mug made for the father of my children. A coffee is the first thing he makes every morning, so seeing a beautiful image of his girls would make him smile every time he starts his day!

  14. Michelle says

    Love this post, you have given me some great ideas for at least the next 2 Fathers Day – a celebration that I always struggle to come up with an original idea that hubby will really appreciate.

    I love the writing on the feet idea, having 2 boys who can’t not do a silly face in a photo at the moment it should look quite fun. I really like the matching card and mug.

    Loving the canvas idea as well, I can think of a couple of photos that would be good but not perfect. Will definitely store that idea away for next year.

    Thanks again for some awesome ideas, Michelle x

  15. Jennifer B. says

    After many years of part-time study, hubby graduated from uni!
    I’d love a large canvas print from the occasion to hang in the hallway with the other photos of milestone events!

  16. Nicole Kent says

    Some coffee mugs for the hubby and dad
    Showing all the fun with the kids they’ve had
    Add a couple of pics of the newbie on the way
    And really make their Father’s Day!

  17. Kylie Embury says

    A canvas with a recent photo I took of hubby with 5 of his 6 children all together for the first time. Hopefully we can then get one done of all 6 together in time for Father’s Day next year – that would be the best gift ever.

  18. Michelle Harris says

    My daughter loves to buy a coffee mug for dad each year
    So I think that a personalised one might be the go this year.
    She can select her own photos and design it herself

  19. Kate Russell says

    I LOVE these ideas. I was looking for some photo ideas for hubby for fathers days and this post sums up lots of options nicely. A lovely photo to accompany a large bottle of rum should go down pretty well I think – haha!

  20. Lauren A says

    I love the idea of a photo canvas. We just got back from an exciting New Zealand holiday, so the difficult part will be deciding which photo to use.

  21. Jessica Wilkinson says

    My father’s dog just passed away, I would love to use a collection of photos of both of them and get it printed on canvas. I think it would cheer him up reminding him of all the great years together.

  22. Sally says

    A photo book looks good to me. A great keepsake for Dad to keep at his computer desk, where he usually is most of the time lol.

  23. Sharon M says

    My hubby is Dad to our three and neither of us have our dads with us so I would make a photobook with memories of our dads as well as his new memories with our three beautiful boys. A generation keepsake :)

  24. Charlotte says

    I’d buy my dad a coffee mug – photo frames are a disaster for him because he doesn’t understand the concept of dusting and constantly knocks things off his desk, but a mug would be well-used and the photo enjoyed constantly!

    Your photo ideas are great! :)

  25. says

    I love the photo books. I have created two for each of my boys using photos alongside lines of a poem I wrote for them, and think this would be a fun project for me to do WITH the kids – for daddy. He would love it and it would be an awesome keepsake as well. :-)

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