Father’s Day Card: Tie Printable

This is a simple tie card/craft idea for Father’s Day. The fun thing about this card is Dad can wear it!

Father's Day Tie Card Printable


Tie Template

Light cardboard or paper


Ribbon or string

Decorating: stickers, pens/pencils, collage material, glue, paint.

1. Template

Click the pictures below for the PDF printables.  There is a blank one, plus one with a blank tie / Happy Father’s Day MessageFather's Day Tie Card Printable

Father's Day Tie Card Printable


2. Print

The best way to do this is to print the template directly on light card (coloured or white). Paper can be used too but the tie will sit better on heavy paper or card. Alternatively, cut the tie out and use as a template.

Father's Day Tie Card Printable

3. Cut

Cut around the outline.

4. Decorate

This is the fun part where my kids got involved.  Decorate with:

  • Drawings
  • Patterns
  • Collage
  • Photo of the child
  • Paint
  • Stickers

stickers, drawing & collage

Father's Day Tie Card Printable

Tip: If doing a collage, it works well to laminate the tie after the collage is dry.

7. Message

Write a message to Dad on the back of the tie card.

6. Ribbon

Tape or staple a section of ribbon or string on the top (so Dad can wear it if he wants to!)

Father's Day Tie Card Printable

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