Blu Tack Modelling Fun

This is the sort of simple and easy activity that requires very little preparation.  Over the years, I have found Blu Tack to be a fabulous modelling material for kids.  It’s less messy (and crumbly) than play-dough and not sticky like clay. It holds its shape and is easy to work with so I often use it as an activity for my kids.  

Even now my kids are older, they still enjoy working with Blu Tack.  Make people, animals, jewellery, scenes – anything! You can get coloured Blu Tack too, which is fun, from office supply shops, craft shops and places like Kmart and BIG W for about $3.   Only tip is not to do it on carpet because it’s hard to get out once it’s stuck!

Blu Tack Modelling Fun - It’s less messy (and crumbly) than play-dough and not sticky like clay. It holds its shape and is easy to work with.

Sometimes I buy a few packets and leave them in the cupboard and then bring it out if I need a little activity for the kids before dinner or on the weekend. One of the best things is when you are finished, just stick it on a wall or in a zip lock bag for next time. Just a simple and fun idea to have up your sleeve.

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