School Morning Routine (review & giveaway)

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Before School Morning Routine

I bribe myself every single school morning. You see, if I can get out the door with four children by a certain time, it means I have time to stop on the way to school at the local 7 eleven for a $1 coffee (it’s actually really good coffee!).

Ah, school mornings.  I have good systems in place now that help with the rush, but it’s still – always – full on: making sure everyone is fed, dressed in the right clothes, has their lunch box and other items they need.   My ultimate goal is calm, where everyone does what they have to get ready, and we all get to the car in time for mum to get her coffee.

There are other things I do (besides drinking coffee) that help in the morning, particularly when I know I have a busy month coming up.  One is making sure breakfast is easy and making sure there is plenty of variety for the kids to choose from. 

Three out of four of my kids love porridge, especially during the colder months.  I personally like to make it with regular oats but realistically, on a school morning, it takes too long and my kids tend to eat at different times.

That’s why I like Uncle Tobys Quick Sachets because it’s a win-win situation at our place. 

The kids: The kids love the oats: they can decide on different flavours and they are ready fast!

Mum: Oats give the kids that full feeling which is important at the start of the day. I also appreciate the portion size sachets, the minimal mess and how the products are made from wholegrain oats with no artificial colours and flavours.

I’ll give one small example of how a simple breakfast can help in the mornings. One of my daughters has sensory issues and some food texture/taste can bother her.  With the oats, we’ve worked out how to make them exactly the way she likes (using less milk to make it thick and not sloppy) and she prefers the finer texture of the quick oats.  You can see her bowl on the right there (not the way I like to eat porridge but she’s happy). 

Before School Morning Routine

This is what we have is in our pantry at the moment.

  • Creamy Honey
  • Original
  • Fruit Variety Pack 

There are nine flavour varieties and you can check out the entire range here: Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets.

Uncle Tobys Oats

The kids used the boxes as a house on our DIY Play Tablecloth.

Uncle Tobys Oats

I’ve been doing school mornings for 8 years now and an easy breakfast is one of the five steps I’ve pinpointed over the years that make mornings smooth.

1. Wake up early enough 

If I could give just one tip for a calmer morning, it is this: get up earlier.  Oh, it hurts to even write it but it’s true.  Everyone needs time to wake up, warm up and get ready. Most mornings, I set my alarm for 5:30am and I start waking the kids up (if they are not already awake) from about 6:00am.

2. Have a routine

My older children develop their own routine now. For the younger children, they appreciate a sequence guide to follow.  I insert a table into Word, and then together, we go through clip art images to make up their own personalised routine chart to stick on their wall.

Morning Routine Chart

In the past, I have also done up printables with morning / afternoon tasks the kids can tick off for the week.  (You can print these PDF files if it’s helpful – just click on the image for the printable PDF file).

Morning_Tasks Chore Chart


afternoon_tasks Chore Chart

Tip: Laminate and then use a whiteboard marker to tick so the kids can rub it off and start again the next week.

3. Easy Breakfast

The bowls/plates and a variety of breakfast options are in an easy place for all to reach.  They help themselves and then put the bowls in the sink when they are finished. 

4. Use systems

I’ve developed different systems that help keep things organised for school, from where the shoes are kept to keeping the uniforms out of the bedrooms. The systems aren’t perfect, but it helps to keep the house running. You can read more about how I organise my kids for school here: Organising Kids for School.

5. Have something to look forward to

All the above is great, but I tell you, it’s the thought of coffee that gets me motivated at 5:30am in the morning!  Making this little thing for myself part of the getting-to-school routine has made a huge difference.

School mornings don’t always go to plan. There are still missing socks and knotted hair, but I’ve learned to create the type of mornings I aim for by doing a little planning, facilitating the needs of the kids and giving myself something to look forward to.  It’s about that balance.

I want to give one of you something to look forward to.  What a treat it would be to experience a sunrise in a hot air balloon of a morning instead of making lunches!  Thanks to Uncle Tobys, I’m giving away an experience gift voucher (that you can use for a variety of lovely things like hot air balloon rides and massages). Details below. 

To enter

This awesome giveaway is for a $200 Red Balloon voucher (something special for mum) and ten packs of Uncle Tobys product (for the entire family to enjoy).

To enter, answer this question in the comments: 

What’s your version of a dream school morning and how could Uncle Tobys Quick Sachets help?

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  1. Lindade says

    Up in the sky on a hot air balloon ride.. leaving Dad with kids, hoping he will get them in on time.
    Some uncle Tobys oats and don’t forget coats, Im sure it will all work-out unlike this rhyme!!!

  2. says

    Dream mornings for me are also when I get up early enough to have some quiet time before I need to start waking the boys up and getting them organised. It always ensures a more calm and peaceful morning. Of course, there are also those morning where it’s a struggle to get up in the morning and then the boys are often up before me and making their own breakfast! I’m sure they would love to have something as easy as Uncle Toby’s oats to eat for those lazy Mum mornings! haha. Great giveaway!

  3. Ez says

    Im sure id still be dreaming if the kids all woke up n time, voluntarily got out of bed, and happily kipped off to school, after eating their oats of course

  4. andreea nicolescu says

    Waking up to no arguments, where nothing is lost, where everyone’s hair does what the owner wants it too, where the house does not look like a hurricane hit it in the hour that everyone is getting ready to leave. I know at least with
    Uncle Toby’s, they will all be happy with the breakfast and I will not get any..” but I don’t like that”

  5. Diana says

    No complaining, no squabbling, no fighting over the bathroom, no arguing over who’s going to sit in the front seat and of course, can’t forget the breakfast fairy who magically appeared as we slept. Set the table and cooked us up a feast……and she returns when we leave, to clean up!

  6. Juanita Fitzpatrick says

    Just one morning that is calm not caotic everything runs smoothly there is no problems with shoes,lunches and hairstyle
    We all just sit around the table as a family eating everybody’s favorite Uncle Toby’s Oats!!!
    But that’s the dream I have before I awake to Mum Mum!!!! I can’t find mum it’s not fair!!! I hate school I am not going!!! Lol mmmmm one day

  7. BN says

    I dream of leaving on time (at least my idea of on time). Uncle Toby’s sachets should help make breakfast faster.

  8. Jenny Cornes says

    A solid nights sleep the night before, then to awaken to my two immaculately dressed angelic children bringing me coffee and a warm bowl of Uncle Toby’s porridge in bed which I calmly enjoy while they skip around the home picking up their dirty clothes and sharp edged, injury inducing toys from the floor while singing sweet melodies about how much they love eachother. Jump out of bed to have a lengthy shower in my toy-free bathroom, then back to find brand new non-food-stained clothes to wear for the day! Stroll out to the living room where my smiling children are waiting, prepared lunch boxes in hand full of uncle Toby’s goodies, ready to stroll out the door!
    Ahh could you imagine..

  9. Jenny Cornes says

    Oh and a hot tip – if you have impatient children who want their Uncle Toby’s Porridge straight out of the microwave, you can cool it down to the perfect temperature by stirring in an ice cube!

  10. Gayle Richardson says

    The dream when she is old enough to get up, dressed, use the microwave by herself to cook her Uncle Toby’s Oats and then go to school without having to wake me up! Wow, what a dream.

  11. Jo Cardamone says

    Everyone getting themselves organized and actually eating their breakfast on time is all I want so I can get ready for work too.

  12. Catherine Fennell says

    My perfect morning is a bit of time for me to do 45mins to an hour of exercise. Then my children wake up and we eat breakfast together and l then finish the lunches l started the evening before. We then get dressed and head off to school/work in a calm manner. Perfect but never reality.

  13. Mary Preston says

    A dream school morning would be me staying in bed & the elves getting everyone sorted, including a quick, nutritious breakfast with the Uncle Tobys Quick Sachets.

  14. Belinda C says

    My dream school morning would involve, everyone waking up in good moods (getting out of bed on the right side!), being co-operative and patient in getting breakfast and getting ready, no breakfast mess all over the table and floor (helping the dog loose weight by not being the vacuum), filing out the door in a timely and orderly manner (not announcing to the entire street that we are leaving the house) and being happy and willing to get out of the car and ready for a day of adventure and learning! Uncle Tobys Quick Sachets would help by having different flavours available for those who all of a sudden don’t want what they’ve had the past week! The sachets would also ensure the kids were getting a good healthy start to their big day.

  15. Deborah Osborne says

    I great morning starts by wskeing up by by bus side ,Collect my thoughts .Wake kids up .then march into kitchen ,coffee for me %on goes microwave in goes Uncle Tobies satchel and away we go ,breakfast made ,kids had good brain food ! That’s how it goes in my home nearly every morning.

  16. says

    A sleep-in would be a dream morning! Closely followed by the kids not fighting and a hot (and I stress HOT) cup of coffee waiting for me. It’s the simple things that make me happy!

  17. Kirsten topsom says

    My dream school morning is quite simply a well oiled machine of quiet serenity., but then I woke up. Our morning are always a differing variety of craziness. Saving time as well as the kids enjoying their breakfast are just two ways that uncle Toby’s could help me obtain my dream

  18. talese skinner says

    my dream school morning is kids waking up just a little late, having a talkative fun breakfast at the table, everyone dressed and ready no losing of or finding things, and not running late, that would be the my dream school morning

  19. K says

    Not having a grouchy son, up on time and out the door without rushing. ~ Maybe this would help have a visual for my son as a reminder as to what needs to be done. And a healthy breakfast to get us started.

  20. Anne Hockey says

    Currently I have a clothing and shoes ready the night before so its easier for my daughter and I to get dressed and to quickly get my son up and dressed. They go to daycare 3 days a week and have breakfast there which is a great time saver. Once im at work Ill make a coffee amd usually a bowl of 90 second oats. I love the measurements on the sachet. On my days off I try to have a variety of breakfasts but always like to have poridge. My daughter starts school next year and that will be my choice for a healthy quick breakfast before school.

    Oh and id LOVE my daughter to be able to get dressed without me having to ask her 10 times before she does it. It would save time and make mornings so much easier and relaxed.

  21. anita jones says

    Serene& peaceful stretch before the day begins,fresh fruit & juice to start the day, but dreams are not reality – roll out of bed coffee to wake 3 squabbling kids all wanting the bathroom at the same time,wheres my hat? No cheese for sandwiches, cant find my library book? Quick uncle tobys porridge sachets great amount ,yummy & a relief knowing we can be nourished to start the day.Out the door shoes in hand bag on back, satisfied bellies.

  22. Nina Hoven says

    My dream morning is for my daughter to get up on time so we all have time for a sit down breaky. I love Uncle Toby’s Oats and usually have them for lunch if I don’t have time for it in the morning :) Uncle Toby’s could add some more flavours to add to the fun factor!

    Thanks for the tips also…can’t wait to print my mornings table and laminate to get some organisation to our mornings!

  23. Julia unwin says

    My son already loves porridge for breakfast. If I bought Uncle Toby’s sachets, maybe I could teach him to make his own breakky, and actually get time to do my hair in the mornings!! Better still, I’ll use the Red Balloon voucher to get my hair professionally styled!! Leaving the house looking well-groomed (rather than a rushed mess) would be a nice change!!

  24. Nic says

    It would involve my daughter getting herself out of bed without me yelling at her to get out several times (unfortunately even though she’s only 6 she’s a huge reader and will read books until midnight if she had her way!). She’d then get dressed herself without being reminded, eat her porridge without slopping it on her school uniform, and brush her teeth and remember to wash her face afterwards! Then the toddler would hold off having a No. 2 until after we get back home because cleaning that mess up takes forever and in the school rush in the morning I just don’t have time for it!

    • Nic says

      I meant to add that Uncle Toby’s sachets would be great as it would make brekky a lot less stressful as my daughter could pour them into the bowl herself and save me some time.

  25. Stacey Shailer says

    No waking up to fighting kids, no spilt milk all over the table and floor, and no-one letting our pet parrot out of his cage so that he can proceed to fly around me screeching as I struggle to make breakfast and lunches and steal food off the bench…everyone dressed, fed and packed into the car on time would be a dream! With Uncle Toby’s Quick Sachets to help, I can zap everyone’s chosen flavour for breakfast in record time and know they are going off to school with full, happy tummies.

  26. Charl L. says

    Everyone is ready on time,
    No fighting or kids that whine,
    Happy little cherubs that smile at me,
    Full tummies thanks to Uncle Tobys!

  27. christina hilton says

    Waking up on time and everyone having a healthy breakfast with uncle toby’s quick sachets that are very convenient to use and doing there chores before packing a healthy lunch to take to school

  28. Sheryl Brown says

    A dream school morning would be a dream. No arguments over who wants what on their toast because we could all have Uncle Toby’s, no arguments over who should use the toothpaste first, no arguments over school lunch box goodies, no arguments about making your own bed, no arguments about picking up your own pyjamas, no arguments over who sits where in the car and peace would complete the dream. We have Uncle Toby’s oats for sweets in apple crumble so it would be great to have them for breakfast and tea! Angels.

  29. Cristie Romero-Ferre says

    My first ‘baby’ starts big school next year. My dream school morning has me getting him to school on time with no tears from me…or him (yes in that order!) as I bid him farewell into the next chapter of his big little life. But if I were to win this prize, I would like to donate it to a friend who’s child has CP, who struggles daily to get him ready for the big world which will envelope him and hopefully one day soon also be his oyster. She is an inspiration to me, a mum from my mothers group who was dealt a different deck of cards, but who has strived since day one to turn them all aces for her gorgeous young man.

  30. Aileen says

    Dream morning would be just having to ask each child once to do what needs to be done to get us all out the door even close to being on time. Every — single — second — counts! A quick, nutritious, warm breakfast of Uncle Toby’s Oats Quick Satchets could be the solution.

  31. Narelle Rock says

    my whole family sitting together sharing some time over Quick Oats for breakfast, starting the day with some calm, quality time before everyone goes off on their daily adventures.

  32. Tracy Pile says

    My dream morning would be walking out that back door, leaving the chaos behind me for Daddy to deal with, but blessing him with the simplicity and nutritious breakfast of Uncle Toby’s Oats before getting our little darlings ready for preschool and school. I meanwhile would head to a café to sit and read a book in complete silence whilst I sip on a warm cup of tea. Heaven!

  33. Melissa Jones says

    Don’t have to get up very early so I won’t tire, prepare for healthy but yummy brekkie such as Uncle Toby’s Oats in less than 5 mins for whole family to share and everyone leaves home with cheer. No rush, no fight, no mess and everything goes smoothly just like smooth oatmeal.

  34. says

    A dream morning for us would be as we are finally leaving the house, I don’t discover that my toddler has either a) taken off and hidden one or both of his shoes or b) waited until we were just getting in the car to require a nappy change. That would be a dream morning. Perhaps I could bribe him with an oat sachet? haha

  35. jody buhagiar says

    A magic fariy appears, waves her wand.
    Breakfast with Uncle Tobys she has done, on the run!
    Drops the kids off and cleans the house,
    so I can still dream in my bed :) quiet as a mouse!

  36. Becky Downey says

    Sachets in microwave. Ding! Done in a minute.
    Sean comes down dressed, eats, brushes his teeth and out the door.
    What a tWHEAT!

  37. Jennifer B. says

    I dream of waking to find that MARY POPPINS has the children totally sorted for school.

    The Uncle Tobys Quick Sachets then help ME get out the door in time with a quick, wholesome breakfast! 😉

  38. Cathy says

    Alarm sounds, quick out of bed,
    C’mon make haste you sleepy head!
    Spoon in hand eat breakfast fast,
    Oh my goodness it’s 10 past!!
    Please don’t daydream, or forget lunch,
    Eeegh what DID I step on that went “crunch”??
    Out the door, where’s my keys…
    I dream of the OPPOSITE of this please!!
    Must make changes to stop the profanities,
    Uncle Toby’s Quick Sachets will restore my sanity! Xx

  39. Ashlee says

    Kids waking up and getting their own breakfast, pack their own bags etc and let me have an extra 10 mins sleep….they are only 5 and 7 but hey…a mum can dream 😉

  40. Louisa ward says

    My dream morning involves spending time with the whole family at the table with each other. Uncle Toby’s could help by making the whole process of getting breakfast ready much quicker meaning mummy (me) can sit with the family instead of at the stove :)

  41. Lauren says

    Most mornings are my dream morning! My 6 year old comes into my bed for pre-get up cuddles, we go and get her sister up and moving, and after we are all dressed we sit at the table for our favourite breakfast – the mug cake! One sachet of quick oats, half a banana, an egg and a sprinkle of cinnamon mixed in a mug together and microwaved for 90 seconds. Tip it out on to a plate with a side of yogurt and sliced banana – its a very quick, healthy and delicious start to our day and my girls and I love it.

  42. Charlotte says

    Roll out of bed at half past eight,
    Kids are dressed… breakfast? They already ate!
    With Uncle Tobys Quick Sachets
    The kids can become their own breakfast valets!

  43. Helena Leung says

    I slide out of bed with immaculate hair and a full face of make up. The kids have cheerfully woken and dressed themselves. I ask them whether they’d like some They grimace and reply, “That stuff is just LOADED with sugar, Mum. Why don’t we have something HEALTHY and QUICK, so we’re not late for SCHOOL?!?” My eldest takes out some Uncle Toby’s Quick Sachets and prepares them all by herself in no time at all. We sit at the breakfast table, discussing our favourite flavours, like Apple and Cinnamon, Creamy Honey, or, for Hi-Fibre, for grandma! With full stomachs and nourished brains, my kids march off to school with backpacks heavy with completed homework. I glide back into the kitchen to wash up, only to find, hubby has already done it!!

  44. Helena Leung says

    I think some of my last comment, was cut out! Should read…

    I slide out of bed with immaculate hair and a full face of make up. The kids have cheerfully woken and dressed themselves. I ask them whether they’d like some “insert generic, sickly sweet, overly hyped cereal here” They grimace and reply, “That stuff is just LOADED with sugar, Mum. Why don’t we have something HEALTHY and QUICK, so we’re not late for SCHOOL?!?” My eldest takes out some Uncle Toby’s Quick Sachets and prepares them all by herself in no time at all. We sit at the breakfast table, discussing our favourite flavours, like Apple and Cinnamon, Creamy Honey, or, for Hi-Fibre, for grandma! With full stomachs and nourished brains, my kids march off to school with backpacks heavy with completed homework. I glide back into the kitchen to wash up, only to find, hubby has already done it!!

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