Kids Room: Collection Display Jars

One of the ways I facilitate my older children’s interests and collections is to have display jars in their rooms for different things.  Below are my 10-year-old’s jars.  She enjoys collecting shells, rocks and metal things (like nuts, bolts and bottle caps). I remember collecting old keys at one stage when I was a tween…I wonder where they ended up?

We have also done other cute little jar projects that add a fun personalised look for her room. Jars like this can be used as money box, to display mini collectable figurines like Pokemon and other small things.

The line of jars looks gorgeous in her room!

A great way to store older children's collections

Collection jars

3D Scene in a Jar

The kids and I made this snow scene jar for Christmas last year, and we enjoyed it so much, we kept it displayed.  These jars have that snow-globe magic feel that can transport you to another world.  See how we put it together here.

3d scene in a jar

Photo Adventure in a Jar

The kids and I made the below 3D adventure scene last year and it turned out brilliantly!  The steps on how we put it together are here: 3D Photo Scene in a Jar.

3D Photo in a Jar

Dinosaur in a jar

The dinosaur jar was a party favour/craft at my daughter’s birthday party. Great little project and something fun to display and keep.  Instructions here: Pony in  a Jar.

Collection jars

I found the jars at a discount store.

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