Father’s Day Craft: Paddle Pop Stick Note Pad Holder

This sticky notepad holder is easy to make for Father’s Day.  Plus, it’s useful too!

Father's Day craft Ideas -- Sticky Note Holder complete


Craft glue
Thick cardboard
Approx 41 Paddle-pop (Popsicle) sticks
Sticky note pad
Felt pens
Father's Day Craft - Paddle Pop Stick Note Pad Holder


1. Draw on cardboard a 11 cm square (this is idea for standard sticky note pad size). I used a section of cardboard from a box.
2. Glue down 2 paddlepop sticks parallel inside the pen line.
3. Glue a dot on the ends of another 2 paddle-pop sticks and place on the existing paddlepop sticks to form a square. Just check here that the note pad will fit nicely inside the square (but not too snug).
4. Repeat this process, placing 2 parallel paddle popsticks at a time until you have used all sticks expect one.
5. Write Happy Father’s Day (year) on the remaining paddle-pop stick in box and glue to the front of the sticky note box.
6. Place the stick note pad inside.
7. Colour the top paddlepop sticks with felt pens to finish it off.
8. Once dry, cut around the base of the box to size.

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