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After our fourth child came along, we needed to upgrade to a larger car.  My husband was keen to get a four-wheel-drive (4WD) because we love exploring this beautiful country as a family.  

I had reservations.  It wasn’t that I was against the idea of a 4WD as such, however I was concerned about visibility.   According to research done by NRMA Insurance, the reversing visibility index (how well a driver can see out of the back of a car) for some 4WDs is poor unless the vehicle has a reversing camera installed.

When my husband and I decided on a new car, we arranged for a reversing camera to be installed. As you can see from the picture below from our driveway, the camera provides good visibility of what’s behind the car.

reversing camera

This video by NRMA Insurance addresses this very issue and the role of reversing cameras.  It’s interesting and so important for families where kids often play in the yard. Take a look:

I believe being informed is important when it comes to road safety. NRMA Insurance provides many research-based articles and information on the NRMA Safety Hub plus there are images from the online Crashed Car Showroom demonstrating the technology and safety features behind of modern day cars.

Drive safe!

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Check out the NRMA Safety Hub for helpful and interesting articles.

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      Thanks for including the link Carly. Matt and I are so vigilant about driveway safety because we’ve seen the terrible impact on what can happen when it goes wrong (even if you are careful!) That’s why when we purchased a new family car, that it had a reversing camera. I can tell you, it’s saved many a bike and skateboard too!

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    Hi Kelly, thank you for sharing this info.
    I too was concerned about the number of driveway and car park deaths but also the injury, some children recovered fully eg my cousin’s 18mth old toddler after spending months in the children’s hospital (leg injuries). s I teacher I had met a number of young children under 5 who suffered severe brain injuries as a result of surviving a LSVRO. One child I helped with raising funds to renovate his home for wheel chair access and ongoing medical treatment. This prompted me to research the subject and I wrote a book “Hold My Hand” and designed a car window sticker Hold My hand – keep me safe to raise awareness of this very real problem. As some children are struck by cars going forwards as they run between parked cars in car parks camp grounds etc. The book is now in libraries across Australia.

    My Hold MY Hand project was recently selected by NRMA to receive a grant to provide the book brochure and sticker to children under 5 who attend our local kindergartens and family day care providers. I’ve been doing some parent talks about safety around cars etc at schools and libraries to help raise awareness.

    We also made a utube clip with a Qld Reds Player and professional actress recreated from from an actual victim’s impact statement. your welcome to share it.

    The website for the book is if you want to read about it.

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