{Giveaway WEEK} Doing the Washing: Win A Year’s Supply of Radiant

Almost school holidays! Whoo hoo! And…it’s giveaway week on the blog.  I have three awesome things for you this week and first up, a chance to win a year’s supply of Radiant as part of the Radiant Return campaign. Read on for details on how to enter.

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Managing the Washing

Just the other day, I recalled to my sister the time I walked into the laundry and was greeted with this.

Managing the washing

Ha! Makes me laugh to this day. The dryer stopped at that very moment when the princess towel was pressed to the front. Gave me such a fright, I can tell you!

I’ve written about the laundry on the blog quite a few times.  Not because I’m good at it, but the opposite.  The washing is my least favourite household chore. I dislike (intensely) every stage: the washing, the drying, the folding, and the putting it away. However, over the years, I have developed a pretty good system and I wrote about it here.

If there is a lazy an efficient way to do the washing, I’ll find it. For example, I hang school uniforms out straight away on a rack so that I don’t need to iron them. All the uniforms are kept on the rack (out of the bedrooms) and the children use them as they are needed. 

What I look for (in clothes washing detergent)

When it comes to washing powder for clothes, I tend to flit between my favourite brands, and Radiant is one of them.  Below are some of the key things I look for:

  • Performs well in cold wash.
  • Can mix colours: I’m a throw-it-all-in-together kind of gal (In most cases, I usually throw in whites too.
  • Smells nice: especially for my gym clothes as I find many detergents don’t work well to deodorise clothes.
  • Cleans individual items well in large loads. I use a washing machine with a 10 kg load capacity and with 6 people living in the house, 90% of my loads are huge.

Radiant Return

I’m testing out radiant products as part of a Radian Return campaign (which I’ll explain further below).  

Radiant is available in 3 variants, Brilliant Whites Sharper Colours, No-Sort and Sensitive. Each variant contains Colour Guard technology which is how Radiant keeps your colours newer for long.

Radiant Review

The Radiant Return campaign is a series of (funny) tests done by 2 best mates.  This is what they did:

They purchased clothes from regular shops, did all kinds of torture tests on the clothes, like rugby in the mud, paint ball playing and finger painting with kids.  Then, the pair washed the clothes at home and returned the garments to unsuspecting retail assistants.  Approval was obtained from the owners of the shops, but the shop assistants had no idea.  Such a clever and humorous way to test a product. Below is one of the episodes. 

Testing it

My test was far less dramatic, although I might argue that my everyday washing can be messy at the best times (no special circumstances needed)!  Stains and soil in a regular wash at my place vary hugely, but there is always something: dirt, mud, grease, butter, milk, berries, sauce, toothpaste and unknown substances.  I decided to test the products by simply going through a regular dirty clothes basket at my place (whatever was there at the time), and washing the clothes how I always do (in big mixed loads).

Pictured below are a few clothes items I pulled out with spots. I threw all these clothes in together with a regular load, including the light coloured shirt and the pink jeans (which are new and have only been washed once before). 


  • For this test, I didn’t treat any of the clothes with pre-stain before washing (sometimes I do) because I wanted to get a gauge on how the detergent worked.
  • I use a Fisher & Paykel Cleansmart – Top Loader 10 kg Washing Machine
  • Washed in a large regular load with mixed colours (as this is how I usually wash)
  • Cold / Normal wash
  • I used the Radiant Powder Capsules in this load (1 for normal loads and 2 for large loads like mine) – LOVE these, mainly because I find no matter how careful I am, there is always liquid/powder spill build up around the machine.
  • Washed my smelly gym clothes in this load 


Four Items of Clothing

Below are how the clothes came out.

radiant test 1

radiant test 2

radiant test 3

radiant test 4

Personal Results

I was really happy with how the detergent performed.

  • Stain removal: The only stain that didn’t totally come out was the dirt/grease on the pink jeans (this was sitting for a few days).  Usually, I would do a pre-soak / treatment on this type of stain before washing. I was surprised the berry stains came out! Very happy.
  • Smell: The smell of all the clothes (including my gym clothes) was lovely and fresh.
  • Colour: No colour transfer (or discolour on light colours).   Note: I can’t comment on fade/colour preservation because I didn’t set up the test for a long enough period.
  • Efficiency: I used all three variants of radiant and they all worked well through a large load.  I particularly enjoyed the casuals (however, probably not the most economical variant), because they are so quick and easy (and mess free).  

Anything that can make my job easier in the laundry is a good thing!  A good all-rounder detergent is one thing that makes a difference to the overall work load in dealing with my never-ending washing pile.

For more information about the products, visit the Radiant website. www.radiantreturn.com.au


**Giveaway ended. Congratulations Natalie Stoute**

I’m giving away 1 year’s supply of radiant away.  I wish I could win this myself! Entering is really easy: for your chance to win, tell me about a time when your colours were destroyed and could have benefited from a bit of Radiant Colour Guard? in the comments below.

Giveaway open 12:01 am (AEST) on Monday 23 June 2014 and will end 5:00 pm AEST on Monday 30 June 2014.

Please read all terms & conditions here.

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  1. nicole larsen says

    Taking the kids to the annual Juvenille Arthritis Camp. They all ended up having paints fights, and in the end I had to throw the clothing out

  2. Megan Higgs says

    As my little boy wears cloth nappies, I purchased him a nice new red one, sadly upon it’s first wash the colour leaked and all his other clothes came out pink. Luckily he pulls off pink well 😉

  3. Nicky Allouche says

    My teenage daughter decided to try using red henna to die her hair for the first time (no problems there) except she failed to wash it all out properly and proceeded to destroy my nice bath towels. That wasn’t enough, it was a steamy summer night in Qld and she sweated and the colour leached out and ruined the expensive Egyptian cotton sheets as well. Everything had a tied dyed effect on it but not in pretty colours…. not happy.

  4. bubble936 says

    I bought two white business shirts for my husband as a gift for his birthday and when it was time to wash them i washed them in the washing machine along with other dirty laundry and did not notice there was a dark blue jeans which i was washing for the first time as well. when the washing cycle finished the white shirts were changed to blue and there was nothing i could do about it.
    Now i feel that Radiant Colour Guard would have been a blessing at that time and for future washes as well.

  5. Emma Puszkar says

    My husband put his chef whites through with my new red jacket – he is now the laughing stock of the kitchen and the pinkest chef in Hobart!

  6. says

    Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed!
    Very helpful information specially the last part
    :) I care for such information a lot. I was looking for this particular information for a very long time.
    Thank you and good luck.

  7. says

    I am curious to find out what blog system you’re working with?
    I’m having some small security issues with my latest blog and I’d like to find something more secure.
    Do you have any solutions?

  8. Jodieanne Harlow says

    Winter greys visited us last year when a new grey jacket found it’s way in to the wash. Even now after many attempts I just can’t get my coloureds colourful again.

  9. sarahjane says

    I had a gorgeous top that had oil spilled on it. I don’t know how Mum did it but she got it out after my two wash attempts. Yay for radiant and mums!

  10. Isabel says

    I washed my daughter’s fifa fever outfit (yellow top, green pants and red scarf) and almost an hour later, came out brownish everything. We both cried.

  11. Warren Hinchliffe says

    My lovely warm fluffy dark green dressing gown was getting a bit whiffy. I had washed it quite a few times so thought all would be fine. Two sets of now green previously white sports socks proved me wrong. I think I destroyed a T shirt too.

  12. Jade T says

    I’m a stay at home home and my wardrobe consists mainly of Trackpants and hoodies. They’re always covered in something from my toddler (food, snot, dirt, STICKERS!) I rarely buy clothes for myself, because I get distracted by all the beautiful kids clothes and stock up on them, rather than clothes for myself… I’m sure I’m not the only one? Christmas just gone, I decided that instead of wearing something I already had, I was going to buy myself a new outfit. I had something in mind, went to a store and ACTUALLY FOUND IT! That never happens, right!? So I bought my new navy and white striped maxi skirt, white tank top and denim vest home and thought “I’ll give them a wash first and freshen them up.” I always wash in cold, so I thought they would be fine to wash them together, colours don’t usually run in cold…. Except for this time. My bright white tank top was now a pale blue (thanks navy striped maxi skirt!) I tried soaking it to no avail…. So I decided to “suck it up” and I wore my slightly blue tank top on Christmas Day, the denim vest covered most of it and no one appeared to notice. Won’t be washing whites in with anything new ever again… Unless it’s Radiant!

  13. Julia Plant says

    I have three girls all under 4 years, and regularly do an all-pink wash now, as gradually my husband and I were finding all of our clothes were developing a pink tinge! I guess it’s inevitable!!

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