{Giveaway WEEK} Downtown Abbey, Friendship & Jarrah Hot Chocolate

This week on the blog, I’m doing giveaways!  The first giveaway, Win a Year’s Supply of Radiant, is still running and you can find details on how to enter here.  Next up, I have something more glamorous and delicious than the washing.  It started with a busy couple of weeks, a friend and Downtown Abbey.

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Jarrah

So what has Downtown Abbey have to do with hot chocolate? Well, nothing really. But I do have all these gorgeous hot chocolate flavours in the pantry at the moment for this write-up for Jarrah: frothy classic, white chocolate, hazelnut, extreme chocolate, mint and orange.

When I was a teen, I remember my mum keeping Jarrah Vienna Cinnamon Coffee in the cupboard and I had forgotten about it until now (I loved it).  Such a pleasant memory! It’s interesting how tastes and smells can take you back somewhere in your past so strongly.

Jarrah Hot Chocolate

Getting back to Downtown Abbey.  It’s been an exhausting couple of weeks. There’s not really anything extra happening here, but I think it’s just the end of term and the kids are tired and the wheels are falling off.  My husband is away and while I wouldn’t say I’m lonely, my morale is a bit low.

I texted my friend (me: blue, she: grey) and this is how it went down.

text message

We are both are only just starting on Season 1 of Downtown Abbey (we are a bit behind – ha!) and so we lounged on the sofa talking about the elegance of the fashion, the fascinating politics and etiquette of the period and analysing the characters and their position in the household.  A much-much appreciated break in the week, I can tell you!

The fashion in this period drama is absolutely stunning!

Downtown Abbey

Downtown Abbey Fashion - Season 1

Downtown Abbey Fashion - Season 1

Downtown Abbey Fashion - Season 1

Downtown Abbey

Later I pulled out the hot chocolate.   I’ve enjoyed having a stash in the pantry.  Just the other week my sister was here for the afternoon, and I made her up a mint flavour.  “What is this? It’s divine!” she said.  I felt happy to see her happy.  My hero-of-the-week friend decided on the white chocolate one.  I like the classic best.

Jarrah Hot Chocolate
I sent my friend home with her own stash of Jarrah hot chocolate flavours to trial, and challenged her to write me a spiel about how she went.  And…go:

“I try to make healthy food choices, I really do. But I’m not gonna lie to you, sometimes I feel like chocolate…sweet, creamy, rich chocolate. My weak times are like clockwork…it’s either 10am with my coffee, 3.30pm after school drop off or 8.30pm when my dinner/bedtime duties are over.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think having a small sweet treat is totally forbidden, but if I had a snickers every time I felt like it, I’d be reversing all the progress I’ve made with my fitness this year. 

So, here’s what I do, when those sweet cravings hit, I trick my brain into thinking I’ve satisfied them by drinking a Jarrah hot chocolate. Seriously, I don’t know how they are 99% fat free…they taste so good!

There are even different flavours to suit every mood! Just substitute the first option for a Jarrah with less calories!”

 Ha! Love that girl! Here’s to friendship, to period dramas, to hot chocolate, to memories.


About Jarrah

  • Low in fat and calories, Jarrah drinks are a convenient and delicious hot beverage and contain no caffeine.
  • Delicious range of flavours – classics including Frothy Classic, White Chocolate and Extreme Chocolate, as well as exciting chocolate flavours including mint, hazelnut and orange.
  • Convenience – portion controlled single serve sticks. Easy to carry in your handbag, or to have stashed in your drawer at work. Just add hot water for a creamy, hot chocolate drink!
  • The Jarrah range is proudly made in Australia in our Rowville Victoria factory – the drinking chocolate range proudly supports the Australian Made certification.
  • Available at Coles and Woolworths and leading independents.
  • RRP $5.40 per 10 pack
  • Head to the Jarrah website for more info.


**Giveaway now ended. Congratulations Jill Macmullen**

Hello giveaway.  I have 1 prize pack of the full range of Jarrah products: that’s one packet of each flavour (RRP $47.40) plus a mug so you’re all set to go.

To enter, in the comments below, tell me about that time of day when you need to regroup.  For me it’s 2:30pm, just before I get the kids from school. I usually take a quiet moment before the afternoon craziness!

Giveaway open 9:01 am AEST on Tuesday 24 June 2014 and end 5:00 pm AEST on Friday 4 July 2014.

Read the T & Cs here.

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  1. Cassie W. says

    Although some days I feel like I could simply lock myself in a room and stay there. BUT, since that isn’t an option, after the kids go to bed is my down time. Sometimes before they get up in the morning. Times Ican watch them sleep quietly, and think about how cute they are, and not how crazy they make me. :)

  2. Keren says

    My regrouping time is once Imy timy man falls asleep in the evening. I have a sweet tooth, but have been trying to keep the house free of yummy sweet things so that my “winter warmth” doesn’t go overboard…so some hot chocolaty goodness from Jarrah would be a real treat that I don’t have to feel too guilty about.

  3. heather says

    I need to regroup at around 2:00 p.m. and I need to have a snack for more energy and try not to eat something fattening.

  4. Nishel says

    For me its the quietness and stillness of the morning before I start the day. I find that spending a few minutes by myself mentally reminding myself what I want to demonstrate to my kids and how I want to deal with issues when they arise helps when things get funky! I find this daily reminder helps pick me up when the previous day has been challenging and not to get sad over parenting mishaps :) it ends perfectly with me sneaking into the boys’ room to watch them sleep a little and pray over them before they wake and tackle the day!

  5. Cristina civico says

    I regroup during my newborns 3pm feed! I look into her beautiful eyes and am reminded what a lucky person I am to have had made such a wonderful miracle baby girl. Can’t look at her enough.

  6. Averil Robinson says

    I sneak home in my lunch break, when my sons at daycare and hubby’s at work (it’s the only time there is peace and quiet) I’ll have my lunch and cuppa, sometimes I’ll drop by the shop and indulge in a treat. On one occasion I was that exhausted, I had a 20 minute power nap. Although hubby’s had a broken ankle for the past two months, re-group time isn’t the same when you have company. I can’t wait for him to get back to work so I can have some ‘mummy’ time again.

  7. laura powers says

    My re-group time is around 2pm when my 1 year old takes his nap, gives me time to get the house sorted and both it and myself ready for the evening shift!

  8. Mary Preston says

    My time to regroup is after the craziness of the morning rush. No matter how much you prepare & organise it’s still a mad house around here. So, when the house is mine alone time to re-energise before I hit my list of to-do’s for the day. The to-do’s never seem to diminish either.

  9. Chelsie Humphry says

    I love Jarrah Hot Chocolate! I enjoy Jarrah Hot Chocolate on a cold evening, when my precious family are all tucked in. It always helps to warm me on a cold evening without over indulging. A nice cup of Jarrah Hot Chocolate helps me to regroup and self reflect on how the day went ???? I would love to try the other flavours in the range!

  10. Rachel says

    Morning tea is my savour moment. A strong tea or
    coffee, turn on the radio and a nice choccie bickie as breakfast time is my frantic time. This may explain why:

    A breakfast full of peace and harmony
    Happy smiles, not one of catastrophe
    Children asking “Will you pass me the toast”
    Instead of “It’s mine, I want that one the most”

    Cordial conversation, no milk spills
    Quietly sipping tea and a magazine to fulfil
    My happy thoughts of a nice day ahead
    But chaos does reign, breakfast can be full of dread.

    Overexcited, noisy Mr 9
    Swinging on the chairs; and combine
    Cheeky Miss 2 who loves to throw down her food
    Inevitably Miss 5 slips in it and I’m in a bad mood

    Weetbix quickly consumed, clean up the mess
    Change Miss 5 into clothes unpressed
    While this unfolds, my husband’s away
    In Fairyland – dreaming of a quiet breakfast some day.

  11. says

    I have one kid who is not keen on sleep. It’s usually about 9pm when I sit on the couch, start reading blogs and drift away into another world. This is also my time for a herbal tea or a hot choccie drink…or a Jarrah!

  12. tracey says

    4pm – when the kids are home, already bored, hungry and tearing my hair out. A small time out wold be a nice change. Just close the door behind the world just for a few minutes

  13. Sam E-B says

    About 2:30 in the afternoon, when both my little ones are (fingers crossed!) napping at the same time and I’ve got 5 minutes to myself before I start the afternoon cleanup/dinner prep :-)

  14. Cherie Boucher says

    when I put the children to bed at night at 7.30, the first thing I need is a Jarrah Hot Chocolate it my little bit of peace in a cup

  15. says

    I usually regroup at night after everyone’s in bed asleep. I like to chill in front of the TV with a trashy reality TV show and a glass of wine. Would prefer to get hooked on hot chocolate instead, especially if it’s healthier than my favourite Shiraz.

  16. AmberB says

    Definitely in the evenings after dinner – watching a movie or tv and eating something sweet. Chocolate, lollies, cake …. if it’s a sweet treat then I’ll eat it – lol. My waistline would probably thank me if I traded these treats for a Jarrah Hot Chocolate instead :)

  17. Christine Speight says

    Exactly 2.30pm every school day as I know I only have 15 more minutes before they all walk home past my house and get my dog all riled up barking and nothing I do will stop him. So at 2.30pm I have a coffee and Tim Tam and just sit in silence blocking out and hoping today is the day it won’t happen

  18. Angela Triffitt says

    I need to and love to regroup twice a day first time is at 9am while I’m talking to my friend on the phone as we go over our morning with getting kids ready for school and out the door. Then again at about 3pm when I’ve got 20 minutes till kids get home I love to just sit with a hot drink and enjoy the quiet before homework and dinner chaos starts.

  19. Linda says

    For me it’s when dinner is over and the dishes are done and I can sit down and relax. Hot chooclate and the soapies on TV….perfect!

  20. DIANA O says

    3.30/4pm when the bulk of the day comes to a slow end and the onslaught of the crazy afternoon is about to hit.

  21. Audrey says

    I can get through the day, busy ,busy. But at night as I sit in front of the telly I get lonely so I keep myself happy with a supply of Jarrah Coffee & Chocolate drinks. One for each night .A hot cup in my hand on a cold night .Does the trick.

  22. Jo says

    During those days at work where the phone keeps ringing, there are other calls waiting to be returned, and an overflowing inbox, I like to ignore it all for 1/2 hour, regroup with a cuppa, take a breath and work out what what the priorities are.

  23. Heather Lowden says

    Regroup? Well that’s first thing in the morning, getting set for the day ahead. Jarrah coffee and chocolate- How do you want your caffeine?

  24. Sonya says

    It’s always the minute the two kids are off to bed. Unfortunately that’s late because Miss 6-yr-old reads for hours and gets up occasionally for water, toilet, snacks and to generally say hi. By the time she’s well and truly asleep, the 2-yr-old is crying out for another breastfeed! Argh!

  25. Nic says

    I need to regroup immediately after getting home after dropping my daughter off at school. Mornings are such an incredible rush for us… she goes to bed late so I have to drag her out of bed at 8 am and leave the house at 8.30 to get to school on time, and I also have a toddler who seems to do everything possible to delay us, from not letting me put shoes and socks on him to doing a No.2 just as we’re shutting the door behind us… urgh it’s hard! It’s such a stress and when I get home I just have to sink down in the couch and have a calming cuppa before I can get on with the rest of my day.

  26. Amelia says

    3.24pm. The kids i teach are out of the room and i want to lay my head down and have a little nap. A Jarrah hot chocolate would be the perfect way to regroup and get into planning for the rest of the week.

  27. Jessica Maloney says

    10pm when I’ve just finished roller derby training. I can stand on my skates without worrying someone is going to smash into me!

  28. Amanda Gorton says

    Spending 3 hours in a classroom being bombarded with information is mentally tiring, by the lunch break its definitely time to ‘regroup’ and allow my mind to actually absorb the lesson. It also gives me time to make a ‘game plan’ as to how I will tackle the later half of the day.

  29. Jade T says

    I need to regroup around 8.30/9.00 pm. This is just after my toddler goes to bed. I need a break from being so focused – on interacting with her, making sure she is happy, housework, answering questions, listening to the wiggles, running errands…. The list goes on!
    Once she’s asleep and I know she’s cozy and warm, I can turn my brain off! My husband and I have some “quiet time” for about half an hour, where he unwinds from his day at work, and I unwind from my day at home. Then we have a hot drink, talk and watch something funny on TV while I crochet. I need that time to recharge my batteries and sometimes just to think clearly without a million things running through my head!

  30. Karla Oleinikoff says

    When I get home fro work at about 10.15 p.m. It helps me wind down and get to bed before midnight.

  31. Melissa Virtue says

    Bringing up 4 kids on my own, the only thing that got me through the day is knowing they were going to go to sleep at the end of the day. Saying to myself in hectic times “just a few more hours ..you can do it” Once they were asleep the weight of the day lifted and it was MY time and hot chocolate is definitely a part of the my time for me like an indulgence, I even have a secret stash of my hot choccie so they don’t drink it all on me. It always feels like a well earned treat.

  32. Jill Macmullen says

    I have a little cupboard,
    that I now wish had a key,
    filled with treasures just for me.
    All the products I adore,
    from skin care to makeup and fragrances galore.
    But this is a story of earlier today,
    involving my two year old gone astray.
    I left her alone so I could wash,
    got out of the shower – and ohh my gosh.
    My favourite lipstick was no more,
    it was used to draw on the wall.
    Chanel No.5 I could smell,
    the bottle was empty – just a shell.
    For she had sprayed it into a bowl,
    to wash her doll’s clothes – bless her soul……
    My blood was boiling, but it doesn’t end there,
    I go to the lounge room, and more despair.
    A white leather lounge suite with red nail polish,
    my daughter thinks she’s quite accomplished!!
    This certainly has taught me a lesson,
    don’t leave two year old’s alone for a second!!
    This is one of many times this mum needs to re-group,
    and grab a Jarrah to prevent going round the loop!
    Once recharged -cleaning will comprise the rest of my day,
    after I LOCK my remaining treasures away!

  33. Trish W says

    Mid-morning. I’ve been at work since 8am and in need of a pick-me-up. Some Jarrah “me-time” gives me time to regroup and recharge, so I can launch back into it!

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