A Boot Doll House

House in a shoe - gorgeous doll house

How absolutely gorgeous is this Boot Doll House!  Marina (aka Vintage Jane) who lives in England shared this gorgeous project on her blog, and I contacted her because I fell in love with it and wanted to share with you all!

This boot house was made for special little boy.  

“He wanted a boy’s house.  And so, just before Christmas, Grandma (the Interior Designer) and Grandpa (the Builder) built and decorated a very special house and on Christmas day the little boy received this.”

The story is lovely and you can read it here. And you can see a little more of the process of a Boot House being made here.

A Boot Doll House

These pictures show some of the incredible detail gone into this beautiful creation. It makes me want to see it in person.

Top Floors

House in a shoe - gorgeous doll house - top floors


House in a shoe - gorgeous doll house - kitchen


House in a shoe - gorgeous doll house - bathroom

Front Steps

House in a shoe - gorgeous doll house - front steps


House in a shoe - gorgeous doll house - workshop

Bottom Floor

House in a shoe - gorgeous doll house - bottom floor

Check out more pics at Vintage Jane.


Feature Homes

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  1. says

    This is amazing and one of the cutest and most creative things I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe how much detail has gone into it. It must have taken so much time but I bet it was a “labour of love”.

  2. says

    Thanks for that Kelly! It really was a labour of love and will be cherished forever … although I hate dusting it … it doesn’t get done very often!! The current boot house is making slow progress as Grandpa is such a busy chap but it will get finished one day ..

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