Wherever you are

My sister lives on the land. She’s mum to three kids always…and a Musterer sometimes. This is her office. 

I love that through this blog, there are mums represented from all over the world — from the suburbs, cities, from the coast, the mountains, the country. 

We all walk a different path, and yet, as mothers, there is much we have in common, as we raise our kids in love.

In the undercurrent of motherhood, we often struggle with the same challenges and rejoice in similar joys.

I just wanted to say hello, all you beautiful mothers, from wherever you are at on this journey.

Embrace your own style of motherhood and celebrate the diversity in others.

Thank you for being part of a community of parents who aim to invest in the little moments to create a beautiful tapestry with our children over the course of time. 

Every picture will be different and there’s beauty in that.


Wherever you are.

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