Review: Contigo Drink Bottles

contigo drink bottles

A couple of months ago, I sat next to Tea from Name My Stuff in a meeting, and I noticed her pull out a drink bottle from her bag. I immediately knew it was the type of drink bottle I was looking for — I needed new bottles for my kids — so I asked her about it.  I’ve become quite particular over the years about what I buy for school, mainly because I know specifically what I’m looking for.  I’m happy to invest in a product I know is going to work well (like the Laptop Lunch Boxes).  

Contigo Autoseal Swish Drink Bottles

The brand of the drink bottle is Contigo (Autoseal) and I purchchased it with my children’s names permanently engraved on the top which is fabulous!  (The kids especially loved that their name was part of the bottle).  

The bottles don’t spill (at all) and seal automatically.  To drink, simply push the side button and it closes automatically when released.   The kids love them, and I often use them for myself too.

contigo drink bottles

contigo drink bottles


500 ml 

100% BPA-free materials

High impact resistant

Lid is 100% leak-proof and 100% spill-proof

23cm high and 7cm wide


One-handed drinking

Can be tossed around in a bag and will still be leak proof 

Compact design

Rubber base grips the surface it’s sitting on

Easy to hold

Doesn’t retain odours

Different colours

Dishwasher safe (top shelf)

Fits standard car and exercise equipment cup holders


Due to the design of the Autoseal spill proof lid, I wouldn’t use the bottles for milk or protein drinks because it would be hard to clean properly.  However, my children only have water in their drink bottles.

You do need to press the button firmly to release the liquid, so the Contigo Autoseal Swish bottle wouldn’t be ideal for small children. The Contigo Striker Water Bottle is designed more for toddlers in mind.

It’s more expensive than drink bottles I have purchased before, however, water bottles are essential, not only for school but for our family outings and camping too, and I’ve been looking for the perfect bottle. The price includes the permanent engraving of the name – love that. Had these bottles for a couple of months and I’m wrapped so far…so I’ll see if they go the distance.



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  1. says

    I LOVE this brand. It is more expensive then some, but totally worth it. Ours have been dropped on the floor, pushed off benches & left in the car during summer & have NEVER leaked or cracked (we’ve had 3 for over 2 years now). Only downside is you do need to push a button to open to drink, which might be difficult for kids under 3 or those that lack dexterity. My 2 year old can’t do it, but my 5 year old is fine.

    I really like the idea of names :)

  2. says

    Thank you for the review Kelly – and thanks to the review I am nearly sold out of the Contigo Swish bottles 😉
    I will get more early/mid next week, but only in the cobolt blue and the citron green as that is the only colours the distributor here in Australia got left until June!
    Feel free to use the discount on all the products and not only on the bottle
    cheers Tea from Name My Stuff

  3. says

    Funny enough I am sitting here with my red one of these. I have been through so many bottles that have broken (the parts that make them leak proof etc) or lost lids. I needed one with the lid attached and leak proof and bought this and love it. I just wish there was a 750ml or larger size,

  4. says

    I so sorry to say that I can not get any more Contigo Swish bottles before the end of May 2014 – the Australian distributor are sold out and the next shipment arrives late May.
    So the ones I have on the web-site – 1 citron and 6 cobolt – is all I have left for the next couple of months.
    I do have other Contigo bottles which are same quality etc – and will next week get a new 750ml bottle as well (called Madison)
    So sorry again – thought they still had some left, but they sold out during this week.
    Tea from Name My Stuff

  5. says

    I don’t have any children myself, but I want to get a couple of this for my sister’s kids. Okay, might even get one for myself, I really like the design.
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for the discount code!

    • says

      Hi Sarah
      The design and the bottles are great :) – unfortunately I only have 3 bottles left (all blue) and will not get any back before end of May:( – the Contigo Auto seal bottles are the same as the Swish – just smaller – and I do have some of theme left in the green and purple.
      But please feel free to use the discount code on anything you can find on the site – it is valid on all purchases from the site and not just the bottles 😉
      cheers Tea from Name My Stuff

  6. Sonni says

    So… On your advice, I ordered 2 of these for my twin girls who start prep in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much for your advice, they are awesome…think I need to get another for myself ????

  7. Thomas says

    As you mention, cleaning of the lid is not possible, and it is a bad thing with these bottles. Especially since they don’t go in the dishwasher (we run them anyway)
    Even if you just use them for water, you’ll eventually get mold on the parts in the lid. Press the button and take a look down the drinking hole when it’s open and you can see how it builds up on the edges of the cap inside.

    We’ve had these for some time, and the functionality as such is great, but cleaning is a hassle.

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