Easter Craft: Hatched Egg Chicky (template)

Easter Craft: hatched egg chicky template

A cute Easter paper craft my girls enjoyed making. Love, love their designs!

Easter Craft - hatched egg template


Paddle Pop Stick

Craft glue

Hatched Egg Template

Light cardboard or paper (optional: laminate for added strength)

Drawing materials

{Download PDF}

Easter Craft: cracked egg template


1. Print the template.

2. Colour in. (I laminated the designs…but I’ve done this activity before with just paper and it works well too).

3. Cut out the two pieces using scissors

4. I marked a dotted line on the base piece.  Using scissors or a craft knife, make a slit.

Easter Craft - hatched egg template

 5.  On the top section, I marked a small dot mark as an indicator where to glue the paddle pop stick.  Glue on the back and allow to dry.

Easter Craft - hatched egg template

6. Insert the paddle pop stick into the cut section and you have an egg that hatches.

Easter Craft - hatched egg template

Easter Craft - hatched egg template

Easter Craft - hatched egg template


Easter Crafts

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