Christmas: Start a $2 Jar

I know it’s rather ridiculous to be talking about Christmas in — where are we now in the year — April.  However, it can be a good time to start a little saving fund for a mini holiday, fun day or splurging at Christmas-time.  There are many ways to do this, for example: by opening a Christmas bank account fund and putting a little away each week.  

Another tangible idea is to have a $2 jar.  I’ve done this myself many times.  The idea is to save every $2 that comes your way in a dedicated jar.    I decorated a cute jar with tape and it sits in the pantry.  In the past, I’ve saved coins in an empty 600ml coke bottle and can before too.

If you want to save over $1,000 of $2 coins you need approximately a 750 ml bottle or jar.

The $2 Jar

Create a $2 jar to save all your $2 coins. A 750ml jar will hold over $1,000 - on

The $2 Jar - Start saving for Christmas

I’m starting a new jar now and I’ll see how much there is by Christmas time.



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    Great idea Kelly, I always seem to have gold coins floating about. Buying some Easter gifts the other day made me think about Christmas time again and the fact that it’ll come around super quick considering it’s already April. I think I’m going to start this in our house! Thanks for the tip.

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    Great idea. Just have to fight the spending temptation for little things when I see it filling up and up and up……
    Cant wait to decorate it either which is all part of the fun. Get me some wash tape stat!!!

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