Giveaway: Gramping Fun (part 1)

Sponsored by Aerogard, Mortein and Nuffnang 

“The family who camps together, stays together” the saying goes.  As a family of seasoned campers, I get the sentiment behind the words: camping provides many quiet bonding moments, challenging times that turn into great stories, and magical experiences in the wonders of nature.

When my husband and I became parents, we knew we wanted to be a family who camps.   As our family grew, we found ourselves to be keen explorers with a love of nature; however when it came to camping, we didn’t know where and how to start so we sat on it for a while. 

Daughter number 3 joined our growing family and we were in a position closer to my sister, who had slightly older children, and was already well set up for camping.  Going camping for the first time with someone already set up is a great way to start. It meant we only needed to purchase a tent and sleeping gear, and my sister shared all their cooking items with us, which made it do-able. 

Seven years later – our family has grown to six – and we are now seasoned campers. The kids love it.  Matt and I love it. Our extended family loves it.  Some of my most precious memories of family time are when we have camped together, especially when the Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles & cousins are all there too. Best.

For this series of posts, I’m teaming up with The Gramping Association to help extended families get out there and enjoy the outdoors experience together, whether that’s in the backyard or out yonder, because camping together is an amazing experience. 

What is Gramping?

The Gramping Association is an initiative supported by Aerogard & Mortein.  The idea is to help and encourage families enjoy the great outdoors together. Gramping or a Grampout is new name of an old concept.  It’s about camping with three or more generations together (grandparents, parents and kids) which is a gorgeous concept we embrace as a family.  Membership for the Gramping Association is free and members can expect Gramping friendly tips, events, offers and prize giveaways. Right now, there are seven camping adventures on offer for your chance to win*.

*terms and conditions apply, visit to view. 

Gramping Association


The Gramping Association have guides and lists, for example, a printable packing list, which from a camper’s point of view, is comprehensive and useful.  Below are some other the guides you can find on the website:

  • Pack like a pro – comprehensive packing list
  • Golden goodies – food ideas
  • Top tips for Mozzie Free Outdoor Fun

{printable PDF}

packing for gramping

5 Tips for Beginners

1. Tent in the backyard or with someone who is experienced first

2. Start at a camping spot with a lot of facilities like a BBQ, water, power & toilets.

3. Build your kit bit by bit, and customise it to your own requirements

4. Keep it simple. Keep everything simple. If you don’t really (really) need to bring it, don’t.  For example, I don’t take sheets for my kids; they have a camping mat with a sleeping bag and pillow. Comfy and simple.

5. Ask others campers for tips.

Our Gramping Box

We have a box ready for whenever we want to take off for a family weekend!  This is what we have in it:

  • Food/Cooking staples
  • Zip lock & Garbage bags
  • Dustpan & Broom
  • Sun cream
  • Paper Towel & Tissues
  • Hot water bottles
  • Batteries
  • Light / Torches
  • Housekeeping items
  • Insect Protection
  • Cleaning items 

camping box

It all fits inside this Stanley 55L sturdy container.

camping box

You can see more of our gear here.

Mozzie Protection

camping - insect protection

We live in Queensland and inspect protection is imperative for our outdoor adventures.  The two things we take with us when camping are candles for when we are sitting around the tent area at dusk and a protection spray

I’ve used both of these products, and below is a little more information about them.

Mortein Citronella Candle Outdoor: Mozzies are worse at dusk so try burning Mortein Citronella Candle Outdoor around this time, which contains natural Citronella, which burns up to 25 hours.

Aerogard Tropical Strength: Aerogard’s longest lasting repellent provides 6 hour protection against mosquitoes. It also repels flies, sandflies, leeches, ticks and other annoying and biting insects. Available in roll on, aerosol and pump format.

Gramping is about family and togetherness.  There’s something special about the conversations and connection opportunities that happen when you’re amongst nature. In the next post, I’ll show you more of our set up, some of the fun we got up to and one of our favourite gramping dinners.



Congratulations to the winners! Stacey Shailer, Jennifer B, Melissa and Clare Duncan

I am running an exciting giveaway to give you the opportunity to get yourself set up for a Gramping experience! To enter leave a comment below about a special quality a grandparent, or grandparent-like-figure brings into your children’s lives. 

There will be 4 camping packs on offer consisting of:

  • $250 Anaconda voucher
  • $100 Turu voucher
  • Gramping Essentials Pack which includes Mortein and Aerogard products to keep you protected form mozzies in the outdoors

The Promotion will be open from 12:01 am (AEDST) on 27 March 2014 and will continue until 5:00 pm AEDST on 10 April 2014.

T & C: Please read all the terms & conditions here.


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Kelly loves life at both ends of the spectrum: wearing high heel shoes one day and hiking boots the next; sipping tea out of a pretty cup and slurping hot coffee from a camping mug; challenging herself physically and stopping for quiet unhurried moments to feel the wind on her face. Kelly and her husband Matthew seek to live a fun and adventurous life with their four children and pet bird.

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  1. says

    We are about to embark on our first family camping adventure away from home with my two boys aged 3 and 5. We are already planning a gramping trip as well. I love the enthusiasm for everything that my boys’ Nanna oozes when she’s with them. She can make the most mundane thing(even putting on sunscreen) become a marvellous adventure!

  2. Louis Goudie says

    My grandmother is amazing! She literally drops her hat to help out my Family, whether we are heading away and need help, she is always there to care for the Children, Cooks for almost her entire community, even though, she no longer has full use of her arm, from Shoulder surgery and is always baking for her grandchildren’s lunch boxes. I f I were fortunate to wins prize I would give it to her as she is super special….

  3. Jodie F says

    My three kids are lucky to have both there great grandparents where we go visit them on the weekends. We have the best time , nothing beats siting outside on the swing chair catching up. The kids love to draw pictures with there gran while I’ll play a game of chess with my grandad.
    There always there to listen to us and to give great advice but at the end of the day the answer is as long as were happy there happy!
    There greatest quality is there unselfishness! They have been through some hard times but are still so giving .

  4. says

    We are joining my extended family this Easter for a camping trip, it will be our first time as campers and I am pretty nervous about it, at the moment we have NOTHING for a camp trip and will be borrowing everything.

    Humour is the best quality in my kids’ Nana – which is lucky, a few weeks ago she went into an Anaconda store and asked if they had any puffer vests, the sales girl quickly replied “Well we do, but we certainly don’t have anything that will fit you!” Nana was laughing as she told us, and said “I nearly told the sales girl to Fuck Off” – whenever a Nana says Fuck Off if always sounds funny.

  5. says

    My mum (Nanny) has been their go to person for hugs and reassurance when I was away having chemotherapy & treatment for breast cancer 21 months ago.Then recently for surgery which found a different malignant tumour in my leg , Mum & her partner came to mind them for a week while I was 400km away. She gave them stability,fun and lots of treats too – When I got home – it was all like – Nanny doesn’t do it like that MUM !

  6. Isabella says

    My Granny and Puppy want to take us camping at Easter and we don’t really have any supplies. She does so much to help our parents out , even with a handicap. Nothing stops her and she is my idol. She will collect us from school, look after our animals when we are away and is always baking for us! She is the best Granny in the world and I would love to surprise her with a voucher or prize.

  7. says

    My kids adore their grandparents. We don’t see them that often, but when we do it’s usually for a vacation. They bring something no one else in their life can bring. They offer them unconditional love, security and so many lollies that I’m suppose to combat! 😀

  8. Kim says

    My parents are awesome grandparents, whenever my kids have had some kind of special achievement in their lives, like when my daughter won a scholarship to high school and my son won a tennis comp recently, they are there to add another layer of congratulations to the occasion. My kids get really excited telling them all their exciting stuff, its awesome!

  9. AmberB says

    My Mum (Nanna) adores her grandkids. They love being around her because she gives them her full attention and they lap it up! She has the best stories of ‘the old days’ and loves to share with them the games and books that she grew up with.

  10. Sara W says

    My kids adore all of their grandparents, but I especially love the relationship that my young boys have with my dad. He is an encourager and teacher, spurring them on. When he’s watering the plants, the two boys are right beside him soaking in every word and experience. When he’s painting a wall, there is Mr 3 beside him in an oversized shirt copying his every move. The world is brighter when they’re watching it from Grampy’s shoulders.

  11. Lisa G says

    Being my children’s only living Grandparent, my Mother who lives 2000kms away rings every night at 7-00pm to chat to them about their day. We have actually changed the name to Nannie o’clock.

  12. Belinda C says

    Making each grandchild – no matter how young or old or what their personalities are, they make each and every one of their 7 grandchildren feel super special in their own individual way, accepting them for who they are and allowing them space to grow individually. Unconditional love!

  13. DIANA O says

    Grandparents bring an abundance of unconditional love, they’re fun not disciplinarians any more, having moved out of the parenting role and into the grandparenting role where all they do is play and spoil the kids rotten. And I think it’s nice, for the kids and the oldies too 😉

  14. Di says

    I think grandparents provide good humour, a sense of fun, bringing kindheartedness, thoughtfulness & understanding, while bringing out the children’s inner daredevils and all while being worldy, wise an authoritative figure but one that is fun, full of whimsy, relating to every little thing they get up to in secret together.

  15. Amy M says

    Teaching the art of spoiltness – we can’t stop Grandma giving gifts – a habit that our little ones have become accustomed to!

  16. Rebecca Sharp says

    My mother in law has made the effort every week to come and spent time with our kids, those little people look forward so much to her visit, she is silly with them, gives them a million kisses and cuddles and basically wears them out enough to guarantee a trouble free nap time. She can’t talk about the kids enough to all her friends and says she lives for them! Is just so heartwarming to see the love between them grow more each week!



  18. Jennifer B. says

    They’ve been there before. They know already that children won’t die eating a little dirt or wading in mud. Grandparents come without the anxieties of parents…
    So my kids are encouraged to explore more widely than they get to with me – and that’s when great bonding and learning happens.

  19. Rachel says

    My husband lost his mum as a child and only had his father as his support, rock, mentor and parent. His Dad has remarried and got on with his busy life, as has my hubby. Except now we have children, it has become so important to us to bring the family unit back together and allow our children to experience the love and joy of grandparents. Not experiencing grandparents growing up myself, it is even more vital in my thinking, to nurture this relationship. I saw the special bond my husband had with his old Nan and often felt envious of anyone having these special times together. We are relishing our children having their grandad in their life, experiencing the wealth of knowledge and interest he invokes in them, the fun ways he relates to them whilst they play together and the special bonding whilst they visit his farm and trudge around with him, helping with all the farm work. These are special times which I hope will become indelible memories for our beautiful children.

  20. kerry santillo says

    Grandparents bring joy, excitement and wonder into their grandchildren’s lives. I missed out on my grandparents special bond, but am hoping to give everything to my own grandbabies.
    I want to bring fun and have that special bond, its exciting!!

  21. Stephanie Veljanovska says

    My Late Mother brought acceptance she always made us see that everyone is special and never to be nasty or exclude anyone in life. She was only around a short time for my children but her love and attitude is just contagious.

  22. Paige Yang says

    My father-in-law has great hands-on skills and he makes or fixes everything by himself. My boy loves watching him getting things done step by step. Now he starts to follow his grandpa and tries to solve problems by himself too. It’s a good way to start his life, isn’t it?

  23. Sonya says

    My mum is a wonderfully giving person and has always helped others in need. She has bestowed this on my 6-yr-old daughter by encouraging her to give some of her birthday presents to the Berry St charity to help families who are fostering children. Now, every year she remembers to set aside some of her gifts for this charity. As my 2-yr-old gets older I hope he will do the same.

  24. Jules says

    My dad is a real jokester and he’s been great with our daughter, who can be quite serious and ‘rule-following’. He loves making jokes and teasing her and he really brightens up her life and keeps her from taking everything so seriously. He came camping with us last summer and it was so great having him around – it made sleeping in a dripping tent fun!

  25. Stacey Shailer says

    My Dad (Pop to the kids) is a real handy-man and can fix anything! My kids love to help him in the shed with his ‘projects’ and he in turn is teaching them not only the skills to fix things, but also the value in fixing something, rather than just throwing it away and buying a new item.

  26. Claire thrower says

    I think grandparents bring a sense of calmness to kids they have lots of time for them, and take the time sometimes we parents are too busy too. I know my dad teaches them a lot about nature and building thinks that they love and he loves, and is passing on some of his knowledge.

  27. Lucas Nathaniel says

    Some of my best memories as a child involve my fantastic grandparents. My grandfather would take me camping and fishing and on these trips I discovered my love for the great outdoors. Being a recent father, I now appreciate the importance of that relationship and look forward to seeing our daughters relationship with her grandparents flourish and teaching her the same admiration for the great outdoors.

  28. Soni Nicole says

    My mum is really creative and she lives in a fantasy land sometimes and invites my daughter to visit her there… between the two of them they have a great imaginary house and travel to faraway lands on made-up modes of transport like the “flying broominator” and the “magic changeroom transporter”. When my daughter is with her, they tell each other stories and play all sorts of imaginary games. My mum doesn’t have toys at her house, just her imagination, and I’m so thankful she’s introduced my daughter to that, because it means she is never bored.

  29. Clare Duncan says

    My Grandpa was my favourite relative – with Grandpa came a sense of magic. He would always arrive unexpectedly at our house with his “Dilly” bag. Inside the bag (I never did learn what ‘dilly’ meant) there was always some exotic surprise – it could be anything from strawberry plants to a special lump of gemstone that he’d unearthed somewhere. Grandpa’s knowledge of the bush was extensive, he’d travelled a lot and lived by his wits. He introduced me to sarsparilla. He would find just the right tree and select the tenderest of leaves then present it as if it was a golden ticket. I never did like the taste, but how I wish I still had my Grandpa to show my three boys the wonders of nature and the Australian bush.

  30. Julia P says

    I have to say that my children’s grandparents on my hubby’s side have unfortunately not taught our kids anything but resilience. Resilience is actually a great quality for any person to have, but I don’t think it’s one which grandparents should teach their grandkids. My husband’s parents have taught my kids to put up with being ignored by them while they play the pokies, and put up with them giving them junk food when they visit. If I sound bitter, it’s because I am.

  31. Brackie says

    Grandparents get away with things that we’d NEVER do-
    and the kids LOVE it
    ice cream for breakfast!

  32. says

    My grandparents always had a great ability to create something magical without spending a lot of money or having/giving lots of “things”. They were always very careful with the money they had – recording exactly how much they spent on each item of their groceries so that they could save every bit they could. When we were young, they would take us on holidays with our cousins and for dessert we would inevitably have vanilla ice cream – or occasionally Neapolitan – and every time my grandfather would have us all line up to state the flavour we would like. We would all compete to come up with the craziest ever flavour, and he would smile, tell us he happened to have that flavour and scoop it into the bowl. Best ice cream we ever tasted! He has passed away now but my dad is carrying on the tradition for his grandchildren :-)

  33. Emma says

    My husband’s mum brings a sense of fun adventure into everything she does with my children. She has a larger than life personality and the kid’s will stop everything to sit with her (and they sit still!), she makes up the most amazing stories and really gets the kids imagination working.

  34. Clinton McQueen says

    My Grandma really does pass on many things that betters a life. The ability to appreciate every moment, to laugh at anything (including adversity) and most importantly in my books using manners like saying please and thank you. With age, there is no doubt that wisdom is gained!

  35. Liesel Green says

    Sadly my dad, poppa to the next generation passed away in 2009. The family keeps his memory and love for camping alive through the many photographs of family camping trips. My favourite images are from his outback hunting trips that he undertook as a newly arrived migrant to Australia in the mid 1960’s. His enthusiasm and adventurous spirit continues to inspire his grandchildren today.

  36. Michelle Gray says

    My kids are very lucky to have a grandfather who is teaching them the value of home-grown produce and sustainably. A personal favourite is the pumpkins with their names “engaged” into them with a stick, as the pumpkin grows so does their name, and they are so excited to eat their own special pumpkin. They enjoy the special time with their grandfather and more they grow the more they’ll know!

  37. Lara Daebritz says

    Work often consumes me, I must confess;
    Leaving me irritable, causing me stress,
    Making me grumpy, sometimes rather snappy,
    BUT Nanny and Poppy, now they’re ALWAYS happy!
    Still , it’s their patience I most admire-
    (I guess we all get this once we retire!)
    Painstakingly patiently, nanny’s teaching her to sew,
    Threading needles, learning stitches…progress is slow!
    Meanwhile Poppy is showing her how to fish…
    Fulfilling this single Mummy’s long held wish…
    For Nanny, Poppy and Ava to enjoy quality time…
    Where the virtue of patience is nothing but prime!!

  38. Anita says

    My Mum was there when my eldest son was born, she cut the cord. They have a very special bond. My little boy is now nearly 15, and over all the social outings teens have, he will always pick a sleepover at Nannys no matter what. Its the simple things for him, she just talks to him, spends time with him, they go for walks and swims together, and go book shopping together. I love that he has such a close and special bond with his Nan. xox

  39. says

    My kids just adore their Granny & Poppy. They have done it all before so as much as I hate to admit it, they seem to know best. They also seem to have a lot more patience than us parents! Maybe that’s because my kiddies are always on their best behaviour when we go for a visit, lol.

  40. says

    There is nothing like going out into nature with the family. The quiet and lack of electronic devices to distract there attention makes for some wonderful treasured time with the whole family. I love hearing stories from the past and making stories of our own that one day they to might share on their family trips. Wish I could do it more.

  41. says

    The two Grandfathers in our family are very hands-on, love being outside and love passing on their knowledge to the children. Of most importance to them, is passing on the knowledge of how to get things done or how to make-do with what you have, that ways their way of living before technology and modern convenience.

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