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tape floors

I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney yesterday with Chelsea from Moments A Day.  My favourite exhibit was Jim Lambie’s Zopob Room lined with coloured vinyl tape. I snapped a few pics with my iPhone. How fun would it be for a play room?! 

Realistically, I wondered how it would hold up with wear. It appeared the tape was covered in varnish and the finish was gorgeous!

This room reminded me of the ways I use tape to decorate around the house (two ideas below) and how when we think a little differently, there is an ability to achieve amazing and cool things.

Stationery Corner

A cute colour themed area by gathering items around the house and giving it a fresh look. You can find the tutorial here: Tape Book Cover

Decorate with tape

Juice Bottle Vases

Put a posy of flowers in to brighten a room or use to store items like pencils or paperclips. Tutorial here: Juice Bottle Vase

Tape Juice Bottle Vase

Artist: Jim Lambie

Born 1964, Glasgow, Scotland, Lives and works in Glasgow

Zopob 2014

Materials: Vinyl Tape, Varnish

“Jim Lambie’s Zobop works involve completely covering gallery floors in huge expanses of monochromatic or widely coloured vinyl tape, that gives the impression of multilayered movement, even pulsation. The result is memorising, uplifting and at times vertiginous, as his optical wonderland challenges our propriceptive process.” — Museum of Contemporary Art

More Jim Lambie Spaces

Stripes & Shapes

Jim Lambie - ZPBOP - Vinyl Tape Floors -  National Galleries



Jim Lambie Vinyl Stairs


Black & White

Black and White Floors - Jim Lambie



ZOBOP Gold - Jim Lambie



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