Egg Carton Nature Hunt

I did this particular sorting tray with my son and daughter in the backyard about 4 years ago, and I remembered it today.  I guess I’m missing those long days, just a little, when the younger kids weren’t at school at we had the time to meander more.   This is such a simple activity, and my children loved the idea of exploring, collecting and sorting items from nature in a special sorting tray, so I’m sharing it today and other simple ways to recycle egg cartons.

Use an empty Egg Carton as a sorting tray for a Nature Hunt

Pictured above is what we found in our backyard.  We don’t live at the same place anymore, and I miss it! I loved that house, the backyard and surrounds; there was so much natural beauty there. 

nature hunt

More Ways to Use Egg Cartons

An empty egg carton is fabulous for all sorts of fun things; a few ideas are below:

Paint Palette

This makes it easy to distribute paint in small amounts and you can leave some spot empty for mixing colours.

Craft Station

Great for sorting craft bits and bobs like buttons, glitter and pom poms for creative collage activities.

Construction Craft

Critters, cars, cities or whatever!

Sorting Tray

As a nature sorting tray for exploring the outdoors.  This concept can work inside too: go on a colour hunt indoors and see what you can find.

Way to use an Egg Carton


Egg Carton Chicky

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