Travel Dice

Keep dice in a small clear plastic container. Shake to roll.  Great for travelling.

As campers, we find it works brilliantly to keep dice in a small clear container. This idea is great for home too. 

Another tip: if you don’t like the sound of the dice in the container, use rubber dice instead.

Out and about game: In a recent post about keeping kids occupied while waiting, Tierney suggested to play a dice game.  It goes like this: whoever rolls the highest number in a round, wins!  

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  1. says

    what a simple and simply fantastic idea! I travel a LOT with my kids so will be on the hunt for some rubber dice :) I think other people on the plane may appreciate a quieter “rattle” LOL
    Will be sharing this post over on Mums on the Go facebook page as I am sure my community will find this very useful too! thanks Kelly

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