Silhouette Pictures

Sunday afternoon. We did a test drive to the train station.  My husband is working 2 hours away this year, which makes things extra challenging here at home. He won’t be able to come home every day, and there will be some weeks that he won’t come home at all. I feel sad this week as the reality of what it means sets in.  What surprised me is how the children reacted.  My husband has worked very long hours for many years and my kids are used to that, but having him further away made a big impact and the kids are devastated. Not sure how to handle it all yet.  We will work it out.

Enjoying sunset

Sunday afternoon.  Before we left for the train station, I spontaneously grabbed a packet of rolls from the freezer.  We went to a nearby park, unceremoniously ate bread rolls, and later snapped silhouette pictures as the sun set.  For me, this captures the importance of making moments count in family life. Sometimes this is even more important than at other stages.  It’s about capitalising on those simple moments and by doing so allowing them to tun into something special. A test drive to the train station merged into gorgeous moments of family fun.  I need to hang on to that, because in reality, many pressures put a strain on family life and it’s a juggle to keep everything together.

silhouette pictures - at sunsetSilhouette Pictures

Fun at Sunset: silhouette pictures

  • The easiest way to do silhouette pictures is at the beach at sunset, where you’re sure to get a lot of sky background without distractions.  
  • Another way is to have the subject stand on something like an outdoor seat or table so their body is on a background of sky.  

Tip: For these pictures, the kids stood on a chair and I lay on the ground and angled my iPhone up so to get the maximum amount of sky behind them.  It was so much fun! The kids tried many different poses and checked out the pictures to see what they looked like.

So there’s an idea for a bit of fun at sunset: silhouette pictures.

Here’s one we did at the beach.


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