Pipe Cleaner Tiara

Pipe Cleaner Tiara

A Pipe Cleaner Tiara is fun for:

  • Book Week
  • Birthday Party Craft (have all the materials all cut up and a few examples made up)
  • Dress ups
  • Just for fun!
  • Plays
  • School holidays
  • Sleep overs (get a huge range of pipe cleaners and beads and challenge the kids to make the best crowns and then do a fashion show)
  • Use as a prop for a photo booth


6 Pipe Cleaners

2 Beads (with an average sized hole, able to fit snugly over a folded pipe cleaner)


How to make a pipe cleaner tiara 1-_DSC0002-002Instructions

1. For the base of the crown, make hooks with the ends of 2 pipe cleaners.

2. Hook together and twist to secure.

3. To make the heart centre of the tiara, bend a pipe cleaner and twist about 1/3 the way down to form a loop.

4. Twist the bottom section.

5. Create a heart shape by pressing down in the middle of the loop, bending the pipe cleaner in the middle.

6. Attach the heart to the middle of the base pipe cleaners by twisting it around a few times.

7. Cut a pipe cleaner in half.  Fold each half in two to make 2 tall triangles and twist into desired position on the base of the tiara.

8.  Pinch the tops of the triangle and press the bead on about a 1/3 of the way down.  Open up the hole above the bead.

9.  Join the base ends together to make a circle.  The best way to do this is measure the crown of the head and then twist to secure.

10. Optional: Reinforce the crown by twirling 2 pipe cleaners all around the base section (I did this in another colour – silver).

pipe cleaner tiara crown

Put on my best beauty queen pose. Nah.

Pipe Cleaner Tiara

The crowns are not durable but they are a lot of fun to make and last surprisingly well if kept on a shelf between uses.

Make a Wand

It’s easy to make a pipe cleaner wand to match. Instructions here.

Pipe Cleaner Wand & Tiara


Instructions on how to make a Pipe Cleaner Crown

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