Christmas Scene in a Jar

Christmas reindeer scene in a jar

A few weeks ago, I did a snow play scene with the kids. We had it set up for a few days, and then I used the figures in large glass jars to create a Christmas scene display.  All you need is salt or sugar for the snow, then a tree, deer, little cottage, snowman, santa or anything else you have!  So simple and it looks adorable.  Great for table decorations.  The jars  have a special spot on our Christmas ladder.

Christmas Scene in a Jar

Large Jar (I found this one at Crazy Clarks for $5) – use plastic if you’re wanting to make it more kid friendly

Salt or Sugar base (cotton wool also works)

Feature item ideas: Toy figurines (the deer are Schleich), china ornaments, Christmas decorations (santa, angel, snowman, mini tree).  I found the small house in a thrift shop for a few dollars.

For an Aussie themed Christmas jar, sand would work well for base. Maybe a kangaroo figurine and a piece of red bottle brush for a tree?

Christmas Ladder

Paper Christmas Village (bought from Phoenix Trading)

Paper Christmas Village

Christmas scene in a jar.

Christmas reindeer scene in a jar

Village in a jar - on

Nativity at the top.

nativity scene

Once Christmas is over, the toys will move to the Playroom for more fun in the year to come.


Table decoration ideas

Christmas Crafts

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