Be Confident in the Mother You Are

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There is, perhaps, an invisible expectation of what a fun mum looks like: That she gets down on the floor and plays for hours, that she paints and does craft all day, that she cooks with sprinkles and sings with a Marry Poppins voice. All those things are good things — for sure — but I’m putting my own definition of a fun mum out there and its less about what you do.

It’s the mum who is brave enough to embrace her beauty with a heart willing to share it on a road travelled with those in her care. That’s the truth I’m putting out there.  If I could degree it, I would give each mother the permission to be the type of mother she IS without judgement. I would say: celebrate the diversity in others! Embrace your own type of motherhood, strive to see good in people around you, and shine as you live and you will give as you shine.  Because true fun is akin to joy, and joy is bound up with truth.  Don’t try and be the mum you’re not, I wrote one day and I stick by that.

Don’t let comparison steal your joy. Be confident in the mother you are, because that’s the mother you are meant to be.

Worlds by Kelly Burstow ( Illustration by  Fiona Chandler (@fionakatesimplegorgeousstorage)


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