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I like online shopping. When it comes to shopping for my groceries I tend to float between online and regular shopping because I enjoy the process of seeing the food I buy.  However, during this busy time around Christmas, I do a lot more online shopping to save time.  And there’s nothing quite like someone bringing the groceries inside for you (that’s my favourite part).

In bed late one night I made a list on Woolworths Online of things I needed to make nut-less protein balls (for the children’s lunchbox). I saw this recipe on my friend @engineermum’s Instagram feed.

Nut-less Chocolate Protein Balls

nutless protein balls recipe - chocolate


150 grams sunflower seeds

100 grams pitted dates

20 grams cranberries (or sultanas)

40-50 grams cocoa powder

2 tbsp coconut oil

2 tbsp psyllium husks (or wheat germ)

2 tbsp honey

¼ tsp vanilla extract

Coconut for coating


1. Process sunflower seeds into a powder

Thermomix: speed 9 for 10 seconds

2. Add dates and cranberries and process until combined.

Thermomix: speed 8 for 5 seconds

3. Add the remaining ingredients and combine in a processer

Thermomix: speed 8 for 10 seconds

4. Roll into small balls and coat with fine desiccated coconut

nutless protein balls - chocolate - beafunmum.com

These choc balls are very sweet and rich so I made them small and all the kids enjoyed them. Win.

Woolworths Online: Features I like

Register or login

Once registered, it’s then a process of filling the trolley virtually.

woolworths online shopping


I search and add to my list whenever I have a spare minute anywhere I have internet connection.


Sort Feature

The feature I like the most is being able to sort grocery items by unit price so I can easily see the cheapest items the most expensive. For example, below I am searching for bread and have sorted it by ‘unit price low to high’.

woolworths online shopping

Jamie Oliver

The other big draw for me is the Jamie Olivia recipes. I’m a big fan of his style of cooking (because much of it is achievable for a cook like me). I can easily print recipes and also add the ingredients needed directly to the trolley. For example, this Grilled Fruit Pavlova Recipe.

woolworths online shopping - jamie oliver

From the ingredient list, I can add whatever I need from the list directly to the trolley (this also allows for items I already have in the cupboard).

woolworths online shopping - jamie oliver

Gift Ideas

Another feature is the gift range you can have delivered directly to anywhere in Australia.

woolworths online shopping - gift guide

Selecting ingredients with my own hands is something I enjoy, and I will continue to do in the future.  However, I love the flexibility of online shopping, especially around this time of year.  It saves me time and meshes around my life.

If you’re interested in online shopping with Woolworths, you can register here.



Woolworths Online have a giveaway running at the moment. Every time you shop online and place an order before December 22 you will go into the draw to win FREE groceries for a whole year! There are 6 prizes to be won. Find all the details on how to enter here.


This post is sponsored by Woolworths Online. All view are my own. You can read more about my disclosure policy here.

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  1. Nae peters says

    Wow there’s so much goodness in that recipe.
    Thanks for sharing your tips, I’m going to check out woollies gifts I love using them but didn’t know about that feature

  2. says

    Oh great recipe… bonus for us that it is nut free!
    And you guys all have to stop with the shopping online temptation… it’s enough to make me want to move somewhere that they deliver! LOL

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