New Hair — Rich Brown with Honey & Copper Highlights

long bob hair cut

There was this silly little indulgent plan I had at the start of the year, sort of like a celebration for all my children being at school.  The plan was to get a hair cut more than my previous once (twice if I was lucky) a year one.  But I get excited about my hair now because I found a fabulous hairdresser, and she does amazing stuff to my hair.  For the first time in my LIFE, I feel like I have a hair style. Ha! The colour is awesome — and I like to mix it up a little each time — plus, and more importantly, my hairdresser cuts my hair in a way that makes it manageable for me, and this is HUGE as I don’t like spending a lot of time on my hair.  So yeah, I rave about her.  You can look her up if you’re in Brisbane, here: Monique O’Rourke Freelance Hairstylist.


I had my hair up this morning, so when I took it down, it was all curly and wild.

hair cut -- before


This time, we went with more honey and copper highlights instead of the red last time. It’s a similar cut, but the front is just a little bit longer and then sloping slightly up to the back.

photo (19)

hair cut -- long bob

Yay for that fresh haircut feeling!

Previous hair cuts

Warm Red-Brown

Autumn Hair

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  1. Melissa says

    Love the style cut, it really suits you. Thanks also for the post as I’ve been looking around for a new hairdresser.

  2. says

    I actually think it looked pretty good in the before shot! But, the haircut looks awesome. Love the colours too. It’s great to find a hairdresser who “gets” your hair, and what you like, and not to mention makes it manageable in between times!

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