Lemon Cheesecake Recipe

I’m welcoming Amanda from Food before 5 back to the blog with an easy lemon cheesecake recipe. Check out her Apricot Chicken Curry recipe too.

Lemon Cheesecake Recipe

{Easy} Lemon Cheesecake Recipe on beafunmum.com

Skip the fruitcake this Christmas & try this refreshing lemon cheesecake instead!

This is another recipe from my cookbook Food before 5.  It is no doubt the easiest & most delicious cheesecake I have ever made.  Using minimal ingredients, it is the perfect recipe for any BBQ, party or family dinner. Make it ahead of time to avoid spending time in the kitchen when you have guests – just take it from the fridge & eat!  Put it on your menu this summer.

ingredients -- easy lemon cheesecake recipe


Spray oil

200g plain sweet biscuits (Milk Arrowroot, Marie biscuits etc.)

100g butter, melted

500g cream cheese,softened

2 x 400g tins condensed milk

1 pkt lemon jelly crystals

¾ cup boiling water

½ cup lemon juice

Strawberries or kiwi fruit to decorate


1. Spray the inside of a 22cm springform tin with oil.  Line the base & sides with baking paper as shown below.

Easy Lemon Cheesecake Recipe -- Spray the inside of a 22cm springform tin with oil.  Line the base & sides with baking paper as shown below.

2. Place half the biscuits in a large zip lock bag & roll with a rolling pin until crushed to a fine crumb consistency.  Repeat with remaining biscuits.  This can be done in a food processor or Thermomix to save time. 

Easy Lemon Cheesecake Recipe - 2. Place half the biscuits in a large zip lock bag & roll with a rolling pin until crushed to a fine crumb consistency.  Repeat with remaining biscuits.  This can be done in a food processor or Thermomix to save time.

3. In a large bowl, combine crushed biscuits & melted butter.  Mix well.  Pour into base of tin & press down firmly.  Chill in fridge or freezer while you complete the following steps.

Easy lemon cheesecake recipe

4. Rinse out bowl used in step 3.  Add cream cheese & beat with an electric mixer.  Gradually add condensed milk, beating until smooth. 

Easy Cheesecake recipe -- step 4

5. In a small bowl, combine jelly crystals & boiling water.  Stir until crystals are dissolved.  Add lemon juice & stir to combine.  Gently add this to the cream cheese mixture & beat until combined. 

Easy cheesecake recipe -- lemon

6. Pour over chilled base & refrigerate to set.  Overnight is best (minimum time is 5 hrs).  Prior to serving, decorate with strawberries or kiwi fruit.

 lemon cheesecake

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Cover low resMy name is Amanda and I am mum to 3 young kids and author of a new cookbook called ‘Food before 5’.  After my 3rd child was born, I decided that I needed a list of simple recipes to help me get through that tough time at 5pm.  Trying to juggle a crawling baby, a fussy toddler, after school , activities, homework, bath time and dinner was proving too much and often got the better of me.  For 13 years I worked in a professional services firm as a Chartered Accountant so stress was not a new concept for me but ‘home stress’ is something totally different! 

‘Food before 5′ is a cookbook with 85 recipes that are easy, affordable and realistic for any home cook. It includes lunch boxes, starters & sides, main meals and desserts that can all be made ahead of time. It is the perfect tool for busy families with that afternoon school rush, people that like to cook in bulk and freeze, students learning to cook and basically anyone who loves simple, tasty recipes. 

I manage my household on a tight budget which is why every recipe uses affordable & easy to find ingredients. 

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Amanda started on this journey when her 3rd child was born, and feeding a family of 5 became even more of a challenge with three children under 3 1/2 years of age! She started working on a list of recipes that were simple and affordable that she could make ahead of time so she wasn’t stuck in the kitchen at 5pm when the household duties kicked up a notch. Amanda’s goal is to create simple meals that anyone can cook and enjoy without spending hours in the kitchen. Her recipes are perfect for that busy weeknight dinner, snacks to fill the lunch boxes or for students learning to cook. It’s simple home cooking at its best to free up your time to enjoy the fun things in life — your kids! Check out her cookbooks at www.foodbefore5.com.au and her Simple Home Cook Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/foodbefore5

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